Lowas in Kosovo

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by rich121, Dec 12, 2005.

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  1. About to order a pair of Lowa Combats to go to Kosovo. Depoying in April. Are they the right boot to get? Also is there size the same as the issue boots?
  2. I bought a pair 18 months ago, fantastic boots but the sizes are a bit dodgy. My normal size is 9 large but had to buy size 11 Lowa's.
  3. I think that means finding a real place that sells them and trying them on.
  4. try them on in the shop, then order off the net cheaper

    thats the way to be a cheeky bastard
  5. Yeah thats your best bet. I got my boots from Becketts on-line. :)
  6. Just trying to find a local stockist to go and try them on now.
  7. so it wasnt just me who did this then!!!!! £179 in shop £139 t'internet more money for beer and icelandic dwarf porn!!!!!
  8. Rich,

    The temperature in the summer in Kosovo reaches 40'C, easily. Are you sure you want to be wearing Lowas in that heat?

    Jungle boots would be more advisable - if you can get them.
  9. Rich,

    Just to add that there can easily still be snow on the ground in mid-April, followed by a short transition to a hot summer, as Bat says. If on a 6 month tour you will be out of theatre before the winter snows.
  10. Can be any Lowa boot of course not just the Military ones.

    The Meindl boots are very similar but are for slightly wider feet if that helps any.

    Try German websites as even with shipping they can work out a lot cheaper and in this country you tend to pay top whack. Found a pair of high leg Meindls, Army Pro Gore they were called I think, for 120 including shipping but ran out of cash before the offer ended.

    Gutted? Yeah, pretty much!
  11. That's about right - but bear in mind that the transition is over days rather than weeks.

    The Bat mentioned Jungle boots - when I was over there (4 years ago now) Magnums were part of the summer issue, they saw everyone in good stead and they were free. Not sure if that's still the case.
  12. Got a pair of black Magnums issued in Iraq, simular to the desert Magnums quite comfy and light.
  13. Lowa's are the way forward my friend...:D

    Nah, always had them and they are a top boot, especially for Infantry....Never had no dramas with the sizes though and don't know anybody that has, I ran in the shop down at Bulford, asked for 11's, lashed them on and that was me laughin...Unless theres a difference between the Combat version and the Mountain ones...

    If your also concerned about the heat, I've seen alot of troops wearing Lowas in Iraq so they cant be that bad, should imagine with a light pair of socks on they'd be alright.....I haven't though so I can't tell you first hand..
  14. Anyone know a north-west stockist for lowa combats? Closer to liverpool the better.
  15. I would say adapt bu the term arm and a a leg springs to mind. Get on Ebay mate. Worked for me