lowas, can i wear them?

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by jamiey, Dec 3, 2008.

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  1. This isnt a WAH, i have searched the foruum a little but didnt get the answer i needed from other posts.

    The problem i have is i want to wear lowa's instead of assualt boots, i've heard that you can only wear issued kit, but there is lance jacks and full screws, but mainly a lot of other phase 2's who wear them, can i? Iam not ARRSE'd if i carnt but didnt want to get AGAI'ed for wearing them if i can not. Iam in SEME bordon, just starting armourer course thanks.
  2. Cow

    Cow LE

    Of course you can, if everyone else is wearing them why shouldn't you.
  3. Because i dont want the 'AGAI master funk' to AGAI me for it, i want a clean record when i leave SEME. I dont know ig they have been AGAI for it do i.
  4. Well then don't risk it. Save your money and just wear your issue boots.
    There, that was easy wasn't it.
  5. Exactly, in our Unit you only wear Lowas and not on ops if you have Cold Weather feet problems. So in our Unit you can guess who are wearing them!!! Just amazing when you see people suffering from this during the day, they are in go-faster fashion trainers in the pub at night!!! :evil:
  6. ... Could you not just ask someone in your CoC?
  7. It depends on your Platoon staff. AGAI action I doubt very much. They may tell you not to wear them, if they do and you choose to ignore them then expect AGAI action.

    Although as has already been said you don't need Lowas to walk around the TTA now do you? Why not use them on exercise/stag if required.
  8. He who obeys all of the rules, all of the time, runs the risk...

    Of being a Boring cnut!!!
  9. Just what I was thinking...

    Why do people come and ask questions like that on a website? Surely now that you have completed phase 1 training, you should be aware that there are always people that are allowed to do things you are not, equally people not allowed to do certain things that you are. Only the people in charge of you will give you the correct answer to this question, so why not just ask them?
  10. Anyhow, minor AGAI's don't go on your record, or something like that. I actually managed to get myself one a few weeks ago, i really feel like i've achieved something now!