Lowa Urban Military 2 - or something else?

After 4 years of using Sneekers, they started to fall into pieces (or, to be more correct, the leather have a holes in it from constant bending), the (non-standard) sole is almost flat, the lining isn't really good either. In short- I need a new replacement, I was wondering if anyone tried the boots I wrote in the thread's title?
As much as I've enjoyed Altbergs, I was unhappy with its sole- it wear off really quickly, it provided no traction in an urban environment. Also, all of them (i.e. the lightweight ones) have EVA midsole, which I really dislike.

Does anyone have any experience with Lowa Urban Military boots (or Recon Para)- how is their MVS sole going? Apparently it's not resoleable, so what's it's life expectancy (after paying ~£150 for them I expect no less than 3 years of service /spring-autumn/)?

Also- All boots I have are size 11 (with except of sneekers, as I got .5 size bigger because i though i'd use them with winter socks), should I get 11.5 of Lowas then?
They will be use as a general footware in urban area, some running etc- nothing too hard on them (or me).

TIA for any suggestions,