Lowa Urban GTX

Are these boots any good? Just ordered a pair and wanted to know before i break them in and theyre sh1t. Ill be wearing them on regular occasions, out training etc.

Fire away.
arent you in training?????

you wont be allowed to wear your own boots mate til you get to battalion.

and some battalions like ours only let you wear them for ex/tabs/boot runs etc

issue tissue only when i camp.
Rfn_Warrior said:
No, i mean like loading the bergen up with heavy stuff and out rubbing/tabbing. Not in basic until at least a good 3/4 months.

ooooeeeer, don't want to know what you get up to in your spare time.
got the non gtx a month ago. been on exercise (albeit armoured) and really cant fault them. a massive step up from the seekers they replaced. no dramas with ankle support-my left one is made of glass, well recommended-from a rifleman.
These boots, or boots made to the same spec and last, have been tested on current ops, by a trials unit in Cyprus and several other smaller units.

On these official trials not one blister was reported even when the boot was issued, put on and a 24 hour battlefield mission with insertion and extraction phases carried out. No problems with support were reported. The desert version (non-Goretex) got a big thumbs up. If volume manufacturer was not such as issue they would be on offer now as part of the operational footwear package.

If you look at the Lowa uk catalogue then you will see a military spec (MoD spec?) version. This is the Lowa Urban with the GTX liner, locking cleats and closed hooks.

The seekers are still flying around and great for getting from your desk to the air conditioning unit.

Proof that with modern materials and a hod of cash the days of wearing boots in are over!
whilst in iraq a few of the lads were trialling the new desert lowas and they all said they were really good

a lot better than the meindls anyway

meindls give me worse blisters than the standard issue spanish dezzie boots!
Chris 2006 and fellow boot experts,

The big trouble with boots from the same manufacturer is that they all use the same metal shape to form the boots around. Imagine the leather bit being heated up and then stretched across a metal form, a last in the footwear trade, before being glued to the sole unit. Each manufacture uses their own last. These lasts are expensive and often matched to the population that the manufacturer originally designed for. Miendl are based in Germany and use a German type last. The MoD has its own last based on a survey of foot sizes and shapes done about 15 years ago. The MoD last is compared to the manufactures and as long as its not way out its passed as ok. Some big volume manufacturers, such as the current combat assault boot, specifically use the MoD last. The number of lasts is huge as you need one last for every boot making its way down the production line and then a different last for each size.

Way do I bother you with all of this guff? Just to let you know that if the Miendl Desert Fox does not work for you then it is unlikely that any Miendl will ever fit you correctly. There is no such thing as wearing in when it comes to badly fitting boots, your sweaty foot is never going to reach the stresses delivered by a hot glue steam over pressure stretching machine; this is not the technical term but one I invented.

What do do about it?.....Finally the system has accepted the problem. The bean counters have been put back in their box and the current issue of desert boots gives a choice of two manufacturers, each using different lasts, for the high combat liability boot. The low combat liability boot choice will start next September.

The Spanish issue desert boot was a big problem with the design of the boot causing more problems than it solved. The last was the same as the current combat assault boot which is the same as the cold wet weather boot (the one that looks like the old Pro boot). You can consider yourself one of a select and small band of fighting men that would rather have the old desert boot than the Miendl; If you like them we could do a deal for 20,000 pairs at a knock down price?
On a side note, a guy i know told me about somone on he Pre-Commisioning Course Breifing that a guy has been given Lowa's instead of standard boots becuase of a medical condition. What bloody medical conditions allow that?
Yeah, a certain person i know whos been medically discharged until some time this month blagged his way to getting made-to-fit Altbergs when he returns. The reason he got discharged is a different story to getting the boots.
pj_pj56 said:
On a side note, a guy i know told me about somone on he Pre-Commisioning Course Breifing that a guy has been given Lowa's instead of standard boots becuase of a medical condition. What bloody medical conditions allow that?
There is a lad at our place with Lowas due to a medical problem but not downgraded. But as he is a PTI and no way a shirker, then if the Army are willing to "look after" its soldiers then i dont have a drama.

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