Lowa Seeker or Lowa Patrol Boot?

I have decide to have a splurge on new boots. I'm TA R Sig's so wont be doing loads of tabbing with a gizzilion kilo's on my back but I do like getting out in to the hills when ever I can. I live in Scotland so they will be getting wet....... a lot! :D

..................... The Super Camps look good to! Arrgggghhhhh! :oops:
I found Lowa Patrol boots to be very good.
Hi mate,

lowa patrols are good boots, I have been issued them, but they are non gore.. Have a look at the Mountain boot, like the Patrol but with Gore linner..
As for the Seekers.. great boot but not made any more, it's been replaced by Urban boot which comes in Gore and non-Gore..
Get the Mountain boot if it was me buying them.. Dry feet = happy you!!

Buy the Patrol the Seekers are only good for tabbing on roads etc not much grip on damp stuff.

I have both and would not dream of using the seekers in mud etc.

Also go for the Gortex.

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lisagemma said:
Buy the Patrol the Seekers are only good for tabbing on roads etc not much grip on damp stuff.

I have both and would not dream of using the seekers in mud etc.

Also go for the Gortex.

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Cheers :eek:)

Polimil have some good prices on them.
Goretex made me feet sweat like a paedo in a playground.
Also, they haven't dried out properly after a dunking three days ago.

Going for Patrols next.
I have used Lowa for most of my career but after a recent discovery I am switching to Altbergs. Its horses for courses but for me Altbergs are awesome.
Get what ever you feel comfortable wearing. I used to have Lowas (the German Issue para ones I think...) and now have Altbergs. The Altbergs are about half the weight and are more comfortable.

Avoid Gore-Tex linings though. They sound great but will boil your feet and if they get wet they stay wet. Not even gaters can keep your feet dry if you end up in a river so you want boots that you can dry out quickly.

Check out the Best boots for tabbing etc sticky at the top of the QM's Forum page.

i was going say, like the cheat did, why lowas?

is it just because that's what everyone else wears?

you might get on better with Altbergs, I moved from Lowa to Altberg and don't regret it.

Im TA R Sigs too, they are much more comfortable for long stints in the det. (if you don't wear trainers like me :D )

The best boots for tabbing etc is a good thread, but maybe not the most relevant to our job!
Why do people think that gore tex will keep your feet drier than normal waterproof linings? As long as water doesn't go over the top then you're sorted.

With gore tex linings once wet they will stay wet longer than normal. Although having said that, any padded boot takes a while to dry out compared to normal leather.

My new theory is that if your feet are gunna get wet you might as well let the water out quicker. Get jungles ;)
DO NOT buy gore tex boots for military use. There is absolutely no need for them. They will only make your feet sweat and will take far longer to dry out if water gets in over the top. It is BAD admin.

Normal leather non-gore are waterproof enough.

I have Lowa Patrols (non-gore) for general field use, and Altberg Sneekers (similar to Lowa Seeker, non-gore) for Summer, FIBUA, PT heavy training etc.

The Patrols obviously have a broader potential use so, if I was going to buy one boot, I'd get them.
I tried the Bates Falcons and loved the soles as they were "fell shoe" style and just what I need for the hills of Otterburn.....


Worried about the made in china quality, so the chap at the shop said try some Altberg Sneekers.... well... WOW, feel like slippers and I don't think they'll need alot of breaking in?

But quick question:

I told the guy I was going to get the boots wet occasionally from bogs, streams.... and he didn't think this is an issue. Well Altberg say the Sneeker isn't waterproof? Surely all leather is waterproof if polished? Also are they going to be ok for ankle support?
Just wore my Lowa Super Camps on ex for the first time recently, before I used to wear the Lowa Mountain Goretex but had the aformentioned drama of them taking forever to dry out.

Whilst also wearing Bridgedale Trekker Socks, here are how they held up.

Insertion tab, 9 miles (full CEMO) - No blisters or heat spots

Stag - Suprisingly warm, I thought being non goretex they may not be.

Standing + Recce Patrols - Fantastic support over babies heads and generally rough ground

Tab to an FUP (around 4 miles CEFO) followed by a lovely FIWAF assault over a mahoosive plot of forrest - the strong support really shined here as the ground was minging and awkward.

Extraction tab, 6 miles-ish full CEMO - again no blisters or heat spots

Only downside would be that even tho they are none gore my feet were still quite hot in them although not as much as the gore mountain boots.

Also did some battle PT in them recently involving an ammo box run and a casevac in CEFO, again no foot dramas and suprisingly comfy to run in.

My 2 pence worth, Lowa Super Camps are well worth getting.

(Though that said it's upto you really, whats good for me might be sh!te to you!)
Why do you need Gore Tex boots if the leather goes all the way up? As previous posters have said Gore Tex boots need a long time to dry and unlike issue ones won't just dry eventually on your feet given time.
Go for the non-gortex boots and invest in some sealskinz socks for the occasion when you're going to get p1ss wet through. They're fantastic socks, though they do get on the warm side on a long tab.

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