Lowa Recce GTX Review


Seeing as so many people have so many questions about boots, I thought I would share some thoughts on my recently acquired Lowa Recce GTX boots, particularly as they've now seen some light abuse:

Here's the specs from the Lowa site:

Construction: board lasted upper - cemented sole
Upper: full grain leather, 2.2 - 2.4 mm + Cordura®
Lacing: closed hooks
Lining: GORE-TEX® Duracom
Sole: Vibram® "MVS"
Upper height inside/outside: 195/230
Usage: moderate terrain (mid-weight military boot)
Weight: 1680 g/pair

They're a high, rather than mid length, boot and with a mix of cordura and marginally thinner leather, they're a little lighter than the Lowa Combat Boot GTX. They're still surprisingly substantial that feel very supportive, much more so than other leather/cordura boots I've tried on. Even with this supportive fit, they required no breaking in and were comfortable with one pair of mid-weight socks rather than my usual thin and thick sock combo I go for.

They also have some well thought out details such as the asymmetric tongue design:

A cleat in the mid eye, which secures the laces at the top of the foot, helping with lacing and getting the tension right:

Full GTX liner:

And even after some abuse, the still come up pretty shiny:

I haven't carried much weight with them yet (no more than 50lbs) or serious running in them yet, but so far I have to say these boots are really rather good. Comfy, supportive, light, waterproof and not too hot.

Highly recommended

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