LOWA patrol boots and a good watch

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by dark_vapian, Jun 12, 2008.

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  1. basically where do i go for a pair of lowa's that are wallet friendly? and am i searching for the right name in google etc?

    been looking for days without success

    also where is a good spot for finding a solid, reliable military watch? a mate in the regs (i'm TA) said argos sell a few good ones but how can i be sure they are good? anybody recommend or advise please?

    regards Vapian
  2. You could try RVops; they have Lowas (of various types) and a range of watches from the basic analogue (Traser-type) to the Suunto wrist-mounted GPS/altimeter/barometer/calendar/alarm which also happens to tell the time. Take money.
  3. You need a watch that :

    is waterproof
    tells the time
    has a light / glows
    has a stopwatch
    has an alarm

    Most Casios for under £20 will do that - more expensive watches do not have Taliban-repellant built in - expense is not always needed.
  4. Believe it or not the cheapest place for Patrol Boots I found was the master of the rip off, Silvermans

    They sold me a pait for £103, but online it says £115, not sure if the price has recently gone up or I got a good deal, I went to Mile End Road
  5. got my boots from here:
    Home Guard 7 Cottingham Way Thrapston Kettering Northamptonshire NN14 4PL East Midlands Phone: 01832 734630 Fax: 01832 731617

    Quite reasonable lowa's from £105 when i bought mine.

    As for watches i got one of these http://www.discount-chronographs.co.uk/p5900mk3.htm a few years ago and its a bit battered but still going strong. nothing over the top but solid construction and good ilumination
  6. Get a traser H3 series watch.

    I have the Traser code blue.

    Waterproof, very very light, cool tritium lighting system and simply oozes military style!

    also, tell the man you're a squaddie, and he'll give you 10% off.

    graham green, watchmaker. google it.
  7. my watch


    so when you lose it, like i have just done it doesnt cost a months wages to replace!!

    does everything you need
  8. What size lowas are you after?
  9. Hmmm... And it comes gift-boxed!
  10. i'm about a size 11 for most footwear though i've been told that Lowas are a bit on the small size so go for the half sizes or 1 bigger... is that true? or was it like the time i was told to go find a tin of camo paint 8O

  11. Definitely recommend the Traser, very very robust and worth the money spent on it.
  12. thanks, i'm using all you're advice as we speak and i'm about to make my purchase

  13. you chosen my casio then!?