Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by onfire, May 27, 2006.

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  1. Hi,

    JUst bought a pair of the mountain boots - mainly to hillwalk in in boggy South Wales - but having read the supplied information booklet, i am now confused

    Do you polish them with boot polish, same as any leather boot or shoe?

    Do you clean them by removing the muck and then nourishing with something like Nikwax Waterproofing Wax for Leather - ive used this on my gloves and suede / nubuck boots

    Or C another way?

    I find polish simple and effective, but i understand the idea of the wax applied by hand so it oenetrates into the leather better, however i dont want to end up with a sticky mess - the nikwax can rub off on clothes etc - on the boots wishing id started with a different method

    All ideas welcome - I dont want to screw up a new pair of boots!

  2. Remove the muck, and use the nikwax, leather needs nourishing and as much waterproofing as possible, can take time to apply it, but worth it too keep boots in good condition, also leave boots to dry naturally or the leather will crack , and put paper inside boots to aid drying (take insoles out first though!).
  3. If they're goretex or similar, you "should" only use water-based cleaners. If you use wax based ones, it stops the goretex from breathing and you might aswell not have it. Your boots will still be waterproof though. Otherwise, like acrab! said and always let them dry naturally.

  4. I am fairly sure on the back of the nikwax tin it states the correct order for applling polish and nikwax if you want to do both.
  5. good point eegeek - ive only used the nikwax on suede boots so maybe it cures differently on leather. i will try ... thanks
  6. With boots such as these, I would wax the stitching only and polish the boot that way they will last longer.Remember to clean them regularly when you come back from walking.Had the OLD DMS boots when in the jungle and they did their job, until I found the Aussie jungle boot better.
  7. Im sure the labels which come on lowa's suggest nikwax, personally i nikwax them every so often and use stand kiwi polish the rest of the time.
  8. lowa just suggest a vague wax based nourisher .. but gave it a range of loose descriptions and no actual name ... mustnt be fat based or water based or acid based or .... are they that good you can only use semen?? ;-)

    sounds good about waxing the stitches .. though it would seem that the wax will cure over the smooth leather to allow polishing too. that might be the answer. im tempted to commit to the nikwax, and we will see how that dries ...
  9. I've had my Lowas for two years and just use polish. Clean all the mud off, let them dry and apply a few coats of kiwi polish. I used to worry about all the balls they put in the leaflets but I've had no problems.
  10. thank you - thats really useful to hear, cheers jamah
  11. I'm with jamah on this one. I've had my lowas for a few years and i just wash the mud off and use kiwi once the're dry. I'm expecting the soles to wear out before i have any problems with the uppers.
  12. crack on with some dubbin and then once dry polish with black polish as per normal.
  13. Nikwax is a bit more of a pain in the arrse than polish- especially in the field, not to mention all those 'what the fcuk are you doing to your boots' looks! I switched from the bottle with a sponge on to the polish-style tin, which is simpler to use (in the field).

    I have heard that polish cloggs up the 'pores' in Gore-tex membranes, and this is why you have to us wax: then again I have seen plenty of guys polishing Lowas and Pro Boots. And my feet sweat like a bitch whatever I do!
  14. I concure let them dry, if you can! Then apply normal kiwi black. At times have had to clean them and apply polish straight away, with the leather still p"@s wet through due to time constraints. Not the best thing for them, but so far no dramas at all, had them about 3 years.
  15. I've had a pair of Danners for a few years now, similar insofar as they're Gore lined. Worn nearly every day, due their second resole, otherwise in great nick.

    They've seen nixwax on occasion (usually when I've been able blag some) but otherwise they get a brushing with Kiwi once a week or so and after any particularly bad treatment.

    Despite warnings of doom from "authorities" on the subject they still appear to breathe fine, at least the stench from my kebs is usually bareable... Which is more than can be said for just about every pair of boots I've had in the past.