Lowa,Hanwag.....or Other!!??

Lookin to purchase some decent footwear..(boots)....everybody seems to cut about in Lowa's........but i been in formed Hanwag's while similar...r better?! Anyone care to ellaborate.................(whats a good pair of jungle boots,too!!??)

And whilst we're on the subject of purchased kit......Daysacks/Patrol Packs,that can be folded down into Bergan.....i believe the Berghaus Munro and Arktis Patrol Pack, have removeable frames......??!

Basically if u've had any good bits of kit, that have stood up to the test......would appreciatte the advice/comments...(recently rejoined and trying to get up to speed on all the gucci kit thats about, for a much needed re-stock....................

Choices Choices
Lowa without a doubt.

Just avoid "Highlander" and "Webtex" and you will be fine.
I agree Lowa a top make of terrain boot , but hey who want's to follow the crowd!, be individual, try some of this- Scarpa boots are the Dogs Bo####ks, www.scarpa.co.uk but come in brown leather, just use leather dye and your away, Had mine for twelve years now,they fit the Berghaus Yeti Gaiter a treat, also Berghaus will replace the sole to either a Skywalker or Vibram terrain sole etc.. In addition Altberg,Meindl,Matterhorn, are all top makes of boot, JUST STAY AWAY FROM "Pusses Issue" (Issued Dross) :twisted: Whatever you decide it pays dividends to fork out for a decent pair of boots!! :lol:
Again i must agree with Devilish, :evil: stay the F##k away from Highlander and Arktis very cheap and nasty imitation they will fall apart, the straps and even the make up of the material is all very third grade, you put a Berghaus Dart 45 or Munro next to these and you will notice straight away which is the superior kit. Don't waste money on cheap crap,because thats what it is "CHEAP"!! BERGHAUS www.berghaus.co.uk is the way ahead, Because "TRUST IS EARNED" :lol:
I think LOWAs are better than hanwag; I suppose thats why everybody has them!
Ignore advice you may hear about getting LOWAs one size too large, utter boollocks.
I agree with dwtd about having decent boots, and believe me it really is like walking on carpet on the inside of LOWAs!

Also the webtex NI patrol pack is the best patrol pack, (webtex ones have a removable frame however I'm unsure about issue ones) - As has been said; webtex DOES fall apart. I'M A CADET and I'm sceptical about taking my patrol pack on an exercise this weekend incase it falls apart!...a cadet exercise!!
The good thing about the NI patrol pack is that it comes with either small pouches on the side, or zips to attach rocket puches.
Altberg. Ever day of the week. And twice on Sunday.

RE Daysacks, I've got a little one (wey-hey!) made my Arktis (or was it Wyvern...), rolls up nice and compact, no internal frame, but accepts PLCE side pouches. Very nice. Love it.

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