Lowa GTX Combats size 9

Discussion in 'Classified Ads' started by Daddy, Apr 6, 2006.

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  1. Brand new, well ok, a couple of strolls down the shops to convince myself that they really are too small. And I over enthusiastically wrote my name and number in them.

    Still got the box, tissue wrapping and gore tex labels etc.

    An excellent boot, thoroughly recommended. I have bought the next size up and they really do live up to thier reputation.

    I paid £140 plus delivery.

    Will put them on ebay but thought id try here first.

  2. I have a pair of hardly worn size 11s, I would be willing to swap for size nines....possibly.

    Dork in the shop told me to buy the next size up from my size, so I do, and when I get home; walk around as if I'm wearing swimming flippers, and have a coathangar up my anus!!
  3. Did you chop your toes off or something?
  4. Aha I just had a thought:

    If I put a blowtorch to my Lowas (which have had sufficient polish for the amount I've used them), would it make the effectivness of their gortex etc. deteriorate, or would it help them shrink?
  5. Are you nuts?

    Mind they're made of LEATHER... which will go on FIRE.

    Infact, in your own time go on....
    Mind and post pictures.
  6. haha well I'm glad you've said that. I was seriously thinking of doing it.

    I thought that it was called buring down boots. Isn't that what people do before bees-waxing boots? Thats why they buy their drill boots a size too large I thought??
  7. Yes, and any man who uses Lowas as parade boots is a cnut. And will have an RSMs pace stick shoved right up him.

    Simple answer: don't bull Lowas, it's pointless. They are for the field, not for parades.
  8. No I wasn't on about bulling them! Would be a gas trying!#

    I meant that people buy drill boots 1 size too large, and them layer polish onto them and then melt it and beeswax them, and this shrinks the leather and the boot decreases in approx. 1 size. (or so I've heard)

    and I was wondering if I heated the leather on my lowas wether it would make them shrink (thus making them wearable) or wether it would just burn the leather and ruin the waterproof gortex shite underneath the leather.
  9. Yes, you'd wreck the Gore Tex.
  10. Oh golly! My brother did something similar with my old pro-boots, and it didn't seem to harm them.

    I shan't be attempting it though as Lowas would be rather more hard to replace.