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Lowa GTX cleaning


Good morning all

Apologies if this thread has been covered previously.

Can anyone please advise me as to how one correctly cleans Lowa Zephyr GTX boots?

Obviously they’re not cheap and I wouldn’t want to ruin them.
Thanks in advance
Ledergris if you want them water proof or Parade Gloss if you want shiny.
Ledergris if you want them water proof or Parade Gloss if you want shiny.
Zephyrs are suede and fabric, and a right bastard to get clean, mine just get a go over with the hose pipe and firm plastic brush and left to dry.

To the OP. I get the feeling they are just going to end up looking dirty and knackered fairly quickly, I just get the worst of the grot off mine and live with them looking lived in.
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Amazingly Lowa show you how on their website.

Ideally use Nikw@x products. Personally I use green washing up liquid on mine to get the bulk of the crap off as it is cheaper. Something like Ecover, there are plenty to choose from.

FFS don't stick them anywhere really hot to dry out as the GTX film is micro thin and looks a bit like a white clingfilm. Next time you are in B&Q go and have a look in the plumbing section and find some PTFE* tape to look at. PTFE is basically GTX. Place it in too hot an environment and it degrades rapidly.

Note: PTFE is commonly called Polytetraflouroethylene. But, plumbers know that it is really called Plumbers Tape For Everything.


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Follow the instructions on the link and you won't go wrong.
I've used it on my Z-8N's, it works and doesn't change the look & finish of the boots, they are quite a 'delicate' finish though, my Lowa Combats are much more hard wearing and easier to clean but don't have the same level of warmth.