Lowa Desert Seeker PTs or Desert Urbans?

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by shemulie, May 15, 2008.

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  1. Anyone know how the Desert Seeker PT compares to the Desert Urban? Which is better, faster, improved n what not?

    I've noticed Lowa seem to have stopped selling the Desert Seeker PTs in Europe over the past year.

    At the same time the Seeker is the only desert boot Lowa sells in the states. But it looks as though they changed the colours to attempt to conform with US Military Regulations.
  2. Both have been trialed during the issue desert boot down select.

    The Desert Urban is effectively a MoD version of an existing lowa boot. The black version, with and without a Gore GTX liner, has been trialed a couple of times and is involved with PECOC. As a result there are changes inbound which will soon be reflected in the lowa catalogues.

    Its a great boot and I have worn the Black version for a while and also pushed some out for feedback in places like ITDU; all positive so far.

    The desert seeker is really designed for rich oil executives to walk the 20 metres from their air conditioned Landcrusiers to their air conditioned hotel. Its a well made boot and up to Lowas high standards. Unfortunately its even softer than a Magnum boot and only suitable for walking round your desk and to the mess for tea and toast. The reason they seem to have stopped selling them is no ones buying them!

    I would go for the desert urban. Alternatively wait a while as 30 pairs have been trialed on ops, they passed so another 200 pairs are about to go out, assuming they pass this boot will be issued as an alternative medium weight boot and add to the growing choice of issued desert boots for operations. I personally have always found free boots to feel more comfortable....
  3. ...any more info? This mean they might make boots that aren't reportedly so narrow?
    No free boots for me any more right now. These are going to be used mostly tramping around the Near & ME in a less kinetic capacity at the moment, up n down hills all the same though... no air con Landcruisers :wink:

    Lowa US said to get half a size larger as the Seeker PT is reported to run narrow and short. As I'm a 13UK/14US that means a whole size (14/15), and I figured I'd throw in a thick pair of zorbothane insoles to make up the difference.

    As Lowa makes all their boots from the same mold I'm guessing the should be done for the Urban too?
  4. I had a pair of seeker's in afghan a couple of years ago and they lasted about a month before the suede split and the laces rubbed through the tongue.
    I was working out of kandahar and not doing anything that would put any great stress on a boot.
    as for fit and comfort they were both up to lowas normal standards.
    I would avoid them to be honest!
  5. The changes will be to the material in certain parts and the sole unit. Once I see that Lowa have chosen to make the changes throughout the range and have put it in the catalogue I can be more specific but to do so now would be putting the MoD relationship with Lowa and their distributors at risk.

    Seekers, as I said, are the same shape as the rest of the lowa range so 'seekers being narrow and short' is unlikely. In any case as others have said if you are talking about walking up hills these are not the boots for you!

    If you like Lowa I recommend the Supercamp as a good non-MVP boot and the Lowa mountain as a MVP boot. Best is to go into a outdoor shop and try on all the different makes until you find a manufacture that feels really comfortable to you; then worry about the exact model later.
  6. Cheers Kitmonster,
    It's not going to be hardcore mountains. Mostly mixed terrain in the kuds and towns without any weight, just after something desert appropriate with a bit more support than my trail runner, so I think a nice semi-soft boot will do :)
    As far as non-issued boots the only others I have are Danner TFX's in GTX...
    Pretty nice boots, trailed em through the Andes last year. Wanted to give Lowa, or I guess maybe Magnums a try rather than getting the same Danners again for desert duties as mates have always said how good they are.

    It would be interesting to do a comparison between European boot companies and US Boot companies, like say Lowa and Danner. The only one I've found is here
    But it only has the Danner Arcadias, their version of the issued boot, not anything fancy like the TFXs, (which are actually cheaper, lighter, more supportive and better suited for running in, and make you better in bed than the Arcadia's.)
  7. few of our lads trialled the new lowas on telic 10, nothing but good shouts from them

    most of the lads who had the orig lowas never wore them once we all got issued with meindls