Lowa combat or patrol in brown?

Anyone have any idea if LOWA are planning to release their Combat or Patrol boots in brown?

After years in the Army I keep going back to them. I know they're heavy and not everyone's cup of tea but I've never had a single hot spot or blister in them. Worn them in Kenya, Brunei; wet through or boiling hot and they still keep me blister free. Just don't wanna buy a new pair in black as we move into the brown boot era if there's gonna be a brown one made...
Most likely. Would make good marketing sense. Any decent and popular boot company would be silly not to move with the requirements of a large customer base like squaddies.
Do the boots have to be a particular brown?

Just asking as Lowa do a shedload of boots in a variety of browns.

Others to look at are Meindl and Haix as they share the boxhead miitay contract with Lowa and are just as good.
They definitely have an air of poor quality about them

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