Lowa combat gtx

Discussion in 'Military Clothing & Boots' started by welshdean, Dec 4, 2012.

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  1. I havnt worn lowa boots before and got a pair today. I've only ever worn issued combat high and they are now soft as ****.
    I started to wear my lowas and what a difference.
    I feel like all I'm missing so far are a set of calipers.
    Why the **** are these boots so clumpy and they don't even bend at the toes when wearing them. When I move my toes the boot don't move lol.

    I know they will be different to my issued combat highs . But is walking around like Herman Munster normal?
  2. Where did I put that popcorn?
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  3. Ravers

    Ravers LE Reviewer Book Reviewer

    I've got a pair of these, they do soften up a little bit, but yeah, basically you'll be clomping around like Forrest Gump before he learnt to run.

    Just use them as they were intended, on mountains etc.

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  4. If you try the search function i'm sure there are a few threads already on boots.
  5. So why the **** do so many mongs on here say lowas are comfy, if you can't walk in them without stamping or being able to bend your feet.

    Are they supposed to be like this ?
  6. Ravers

    Ravers LE Reviewer Book Reviewer

  7. Simple answer to my question is to get out there and try them. But before I start trashing them and can't take them back, what are they like to drive it. I don't think walking around camp with tags attached will do me any favours some how
  8. They are mountain boots, for mountains or in countries poorly endowed in the elevation department, hills. Don't use them for boot runs or you will be hooped within four miles. If you want something lighter take them back and ask for Alt-bergs. In my humble opinion avoid the 'trainer' boots you see PTI's in as they are ******* unfit for purpose.

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  9. Alt-Berg all the way, I recomend the Pro Aqua Warrior. Cost more but well worth it.
  10. There's this ritual with boots, it known in some circles as breaking them in. Alternatively, as they are German books they like nothing more than you pissing in them. Dry them out after, and wallah! You'll feel the difference.
  11. Seagull, I've heard of this technique before. But how the **** does pissing into goretex boots and leaving them to dry benefit anyone. It's not even going to penetrate the leather. It will just leave you smelling like a tramps trouser leg.

    Im more concerned with the fact they don't bend for nowt. Are all lowa boots as rigid as a plank of wood

  12. You Piss on the inside you numb ****!

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  13. Just do it. I've got two pairs of Lowa combat boots and it worked a treat.