Lowa Combat Boots

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by julescolt_uk, Nov 16, 2007.

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  1. Hello all, come Christmas i'm going skiing and ive heard a rumour that my Lowa Combat boots can double up as ski boats...I personally cannot see how this can be, but can anyone confirm or rubbish this possible money saving bit of info? :?:
  2. I don't think they can float TBH. They're a little on the small side as well.
  3. I know that although it is rumoured that you can fit Crampons to them - you actually can't. Not in a safe manner.
  4. Yes you can, there is such a thing as flexible crampons now you know.

    On the other hand, I can't really imagine that he'll want to wear crampons while skiing.
  5. Someone is getting confused with Lundhags which lots of booties used to buy as they were compatible with ski's
  6. Trust me TT they dont fit in a firm manner that i would risk doing too much in them.
  7. Articulated crampons that fit on Lowas are only used for walking on hardpack and ice, not climbing. They do the job they were designed to do.
  8. Ok. I'm wrong. :oops:

    Obviously attempted too much in them... :D
  9. Yeah thats what i thought. Although im sure the women in HM Supplies when selling them to me said they could be used as ski boots (obviously that was only an added bonus my already decided purchase..), and i thought i had heard it since. Probo best just to rent some smelly smashed up 3rd party ski boots!
  10. Or buy your own if you are skiing for an extended period of time or ski each year. Definitely worth the money and they will not need to be the smelly/uncomfortable/broken/budget rubbish you always get shipped with in the old ski shop.
  11. Unless youve got size 35 feet or a clown.
  12. As Fallschirmjager wrote, the floating thing? can Jayjays do that modification, floatation packs and attached life boats? (maybe even a whistle and light for attracting attention) Don't inflate unless you are at the door!
  13. We tried in Chile, their army had similar boots to Lowas but could fit thier skis. We tried and tried, but they just wouldn't clip on properly and would fall off
  14. I think that they're designed so that they can be used with cross-country skis (only fastened at the front), rather than downhill skis (where foot is held rigid).
  15. What type of skiing are you doing?

    If you are langlaufing you would need a Ski/march boot such as Lundhag's etc. If you are doing Alpine/downhill skiing then you need a proper ski boot.

    I am an AWI and I also get issued Lowa mountain (lower leg than combat) boots on my 1157, but I have never tried or seen anyone else try Lowa combat boots for skiing.

    Lowa do make excellent ski boots for downhill and touring etc but they are quite pricey!!