LOWA Combat Boot GTX UK (size 9)

Discussion in 'Classified Ads' started by jarhead, Jan 17, 2006.

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  1. As new LOWA Combat Boots UK. (9's)

    Everyone knows how brilliant these boots are!! (adopted as the best boots by 100's of soliders)

    Fully gortex lined etc. etc. - huge list of stats on any website which sells them.

    I bought them for £149.99.

    They have been worn once, and i have realized that i need the next size down.

    I never got round to returning them!! :x

    These boots are in exelent quality, have been used once, are still boxed etc. and with all the tag's and product guides etc. inside.

    bought @ £149.99, hardly been touched (as seen in photo)

    Will take any reasonable offers!!!

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  2. £50 inc P+P
  3. £51 inc P&P
  4. £51 including P&P and a naked picture of Mrs BB!!!!!
  5. sorry guy's - i was kind of looking for a bit more than that.

    they are practically brand new, and have only been used once!

    i paid £149.99 for 'em, and want to buy the next size down (which will cost another £149.99)

    i suppose that i was kind of looking for about £100 'ish if that's not too much to ask??

    they are really quality boots, and just think of it as a £50 reduction!!

    hope that someone will realise the bargain, thats why i put it on this forum!

    cheers, john

    p.s. - not sure about the naked pic of Mrs BB!?!?! :?
  6. Might squeeze out £85
  7. ive just squeezed one out......

    oops, wrong forum :?
  8. have you still got these and if so have they been worn in??
  9. Hi mate, I'll have em for £100 inc postage. that's my top offer though. Let me know ASAP and we can sort out the deal. Cheers

  10. Aaahahahaha
  11. only about three years late
  12. You can get them brand new for about £130 these days. Don't be silly.

    My LOWA's have served me well but I won't be paying over £100 for boots ever again. They're good but they're not that good. The only difference between them and Issue boots is they're slightly warmer in winter.