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Anyone know what is the cheapest (pref online) place to get Lowa Combat boots from? Also if there is any advantage of getting combat over mountain?
The Combat style is generally lighter and is less restrictive around the ankle which obviously makes it better for cutting about in the field than the heavy, chunky and very supportive Mountain boot.

All always found Lowa boots get too hot - the Combat style is cooler and more comfortable in the long term.
It's like one of those questions you just wish you knew the answer to...what is the best boot on the market?And i don't just mean out of the lowa range...i've got a pair of the higher legged(mountain) ones and they make the feet a tad hot in warm weather...but brilliant in the cold :wink:
I found the best price from a bloke in yorkshire. You can get the link via the Lowa website. He is the UK dealer, so you get them with out the Silvermans tax added on, he also gives forces discount.

As far as which ones I have had both types, and prefer the Mountain. The Combat boots are too high in the leg. If you find them hot then wear them with coton socks ot Thousand milers not the issue nylon horrors.
I prefer the higher leg version, I've had both and the Combat are my preference. They are hot in the summer, so Yeoman's advice is good about the cotton sox or thousand milers.

If you know anyone who is posted in Elmpt, they sell them at the PRI shop there for about 150 euro (well, they did a coupld of months ago).

Have a website for you.


A German Site but has the Lowa combat boot for around 110 quid.

I also have iyt on good autority of a German Staff Seargent that all of his trrops buy the haix steifel (Also for sale on this site). These are very similar to Lowa and cheaper (100 quid) but are made by the company that makes boots for the german fire service so they are a very reputible company.

Hope this helps.


P.S. Sorry but the website is in german, but my mate says that you can email them and they will speak english.
I know this is a bit late for operator but for anyone else who is interested
rvops.co.uk do Lowa Combats at £129.00. Can't remember how much the Mountains were but £5-£10 cheaper seems the norm.


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