lowa boots yes or no

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by man_of_few_words, Mar 27, 2007.

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  1. im sure this has been asked before but wot are the best lowa boots 2 buy for tabbing and just generall use either patrol or mountain or combat? and is it a good idea 2 have them with goretex lining or without due 2the time it takes 4 them 2 dry in the feild? also is there anywhere in northampton 2 try a pair on or somewhere near northampton? cheers
  2. [​IMG]

    I think these will suit you fella along with a floor length leather jacket and shades.
  3. Bloody hell dont want much do ya?

    Goretex lining think goretex socks...great for keeping wet out, but even better making sweaty feet, then very cold and internally wet feet. If your about to sod off on ops to somewhere sunny...

    If your going to Brecon though, go for Goretex...

    I got a set of boots identical to Lowas issued before going out to Bosnia, cracking kit, but take forever to dry out.

    Have a look about, and try a few sets on. Remember to get some decent socks too, thatll help a bunch
  4. I went for LOWA Combats 1 size up should have been a size and half as I still subscribe to the thick sock, thin sock brigades of old. The higher Combat as opposed to the Mountain boot did it for me. Great ankle support across rough terrain for an old git like me!

    As suggested get out and try a few on - its worth the effort considering what you are about to spend.

  5. Lowas are a great make of boot, but there are plenty of alternatives to choose from.
    Han Wag

    Just because every one is wearing Lowas, why not be a bit different.. :wink:
  6. Don't forget Belleville - cheaper than Danner but IMHO just as good!
  7. Try Wellco, I have hanwags meindl and salomon and the wellco's are the most comfortable
  8. ive had my lowa assaults (or is it combats) (the non mountain ones) for about a year now. I had them on 2 weeks solid in gibraltar, in baking temperatures with no foot dramas.

    then in september i did Lanyard Trophy (40 miler over brecon beacons) in them, which meant crossing a stream at night, got soaked through, and did the next 36 miles with wet feet, which weren't taped up. i finished with no blisters or anything so i swear by mine. thats with a pair of tight fitting sports socks and a pair of wooly ones.

    but then i havent tried any others....so im slightly biassed.
  9. Just be aware that Meindl, Lowa and HanWag are basically the same company and use more or less the same lasts. I 've got Meindl mountaineering boots and Lowas for green stuff and they're the comfiest boots I've ever used.
  10. Just be aware that Lowa have hooks which can cause problems when parachuting. Hanwags have D rings and bearing eyes so are safe for jumping they are also on issue to UKSF.
  11. But do 49 wear them? I got a pair of Lowas And I think they are great; no blisters and they sorted out my back-aches too!! They took a llittle getting used to as they are a bit heavier than the issue boots but infinitely more comfortable once you get used to them.
  12. Lowas- yes. Also recommend thorlo socks to go along with them.
  13. I'd heard that about hanwag and Lowa but I've found Lowas to be half a size smaller than my size in hanwags.
  14. Definately, the combat boot is really good, you could consider buying Bridgedale thicj socks for the winter and the thinner lite hike for summer, bth work well and the Lowa's vent easily too so your feet stay suprisingly dry.

    Try RVOPS they seem to have an offer on for LOWA at the mo
  15. Went to the Alt-berg factory, they adjusted a pair of boots for my ankle at no extra cost, a great service alround.