Lowa Boots - The Dogs Dusters?

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by Bravo_Bravo, Mar 26, 2005.

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  1. Looking for INFORMED opinion - knees getting knackered, time to by some Gucci boots.

    Tried some Lowas on today, they felt fantastic - are they as good as they seem? Or are they surpassed by AN Other boot?

    I think it was the Mountains I tried on - lower leg thsn the slightly effete high leg ones. Asking price £140, HM Supplies.

  2. http://www.altberg.co.uk/

    The most fantastic and scrummy boots known to man. Hand made to measure and cheaper than the tat you are thinking about. I have 2 pairs, motorcycle and fell walking and both are fantastic. They are the only boots I've ever owned that fitted straight from the box (well they would, wouldn't they? They're made to measure).
    Do yourself a favour and give them a ring.
  3. Good too hear, I've just ordered a pair of Altberg M/c boots to collect on my UK leave in April.
  4. I've got a pair of ALTBERGS & PRO BOOTS both are the dogs bolloxs. beats shedding out 140 beer tokens.....
  5. Troopers in Colchester do them for £115 or £105, can't remember which
  6. Speedy

    I've actually got a pair of Alltbergs, they don't do it for me but thanks for the comment.

  7. Having ovned Altberg, Lowa, Matterhorn and Danner amongst others. I would now plump every time for the Danners.

    Of course they're generally also the most expensive...
  8. Anyone tried hanwag boots?
  9. anyone know where you can get lowas cheap? i know you have to pay top dollar for these boots but there must be a place where they are generally cheaper. got told once ... but iv had a drink since then and rubbed my memory

    cheers easy
  10. Yes i have some Hanwags (pronounced han-vargs!) also have lowa's, trezeta's, KSB's, GSG9's, lowa civvy boots.....Also have had matterhorns, danners,

    Brief History lesson.. A shoe maker had three son's! they took over the buisness and all went their seperate ways making footwear for their own companies!!

    The son's were, Lowa, Hanwag, and Mendel (ring any bells??)

    Its only what i have found but Hanwags are heavy and weigh an absolute tonne when they get wet (weighed mine wet once! 8pounds!!!!)

    Lowas are similar but not so heavy yet with all gore-tex boots very difficult to dry if they get wet! Good for tabing though (got the high leg combat boot). There was a problem with the soft bit at the back of the ankle which could lead to achilles heel problems.

    Altrberg do a massive range of boots but perhaps they offer too many as if you look on their website you want all of them!! I am at present waiting for delivery of some altberg shoes which should be arriving soon!

    If however you want a pair of light boots for comfort I recommend ADDIDAS GSG9 boots. They are awsome for wizzing around in (comfy and light) but i wouldnt reccomend doing more than a CFT in them.

    Probably the best thing though is to use sorbethane insoles in whichever boots you chose as they take a lot of shock from your knees and shin's! They are about 15 quid but i think in some cases you can get they from the Med center!!

    regards!!! mollzers!!!
  11. There is a UK shop where you can buy Lowa combat boots for around £80. You will need a BFPO number, no prob there.. but I do not have any details of the shop... ask around.. some one should be more helpful than me
  12. JB

    JB Clanker

    Always going to be personal preference but...
    I've had Lowa Combats (the slightly effete high leg ones) for about four years now. Same pair - very hard hard-wearing and you can get them resoled with a manufacturer's sole unit when it wears down, so this may make the price easier to swallow. (I got mine for a lot less than £140 but that was when they were first coming out in the UK and the place I got them from is now charging the same whack as everywhere else). And I am Inf so they haven't just had 4 years sitting in a CP...And I do a lot of civvy hill-walking as well...
    Obviously they're the business for tabbing (I'd definitely go for the high-leg which are about same height as BCH for the extra ankle support) but they're surprisingly good for running around like a loon/doing attacks/kicking doors down etc. This I would say is where you benefit from having the military style high leg as opposed to what are really just black hiking boots. Pretty comfy straight away although I have slightly narrow heals and found I had to experiment with the laces and use a Sorboathane heal counter as well as the Sorboathane insole for first few outings to get the fit just right. Absolutely perfect now, although still recommend Sorbies with them, as per SOPs.
    Down sides - take quite a long time to dry once wet and when standing waist deep in a river in Brecon you do start thinking 'Why did I bother spending £140 on a pair of waterproof boots?' [mind you - there're no rivers inside helicopters are there? :wink: ]. No army-style speed laces so can be a drag to have to wind the lace round each of those hooks on the top half of the boot, in the dark.
    Heard Danners aren't what they used to be a few years ago, which was why I bought Lowas and Matterhorns are just silly money and look very effete...
    Your call.
  13. I have tried a of of different boots in the past, for all manner of things but the best ones I have found are Brasher Supalite GTX's. Obviously, a bit of a pump name but they do the job like no other.

    They weigh fcuk all and are so supple you can even roll them into a ball in your hand!! And yet they offer enough support to be more than usable. I have even lobbed in with them and I had no dramas.

    Have a look - www.brasher.co.uk
  14. Had a quick Google for the Hanwags: spec looks very good plus the offer of an Hydration pack from AWE....

    Anyone else tried them?

  15. Personally, you can't beat the issue boots. I have done Sandhurst, P Company and the Nijmegen Marches in my issue boots and have never had a blister or problem with them. If only all the kit was as good as that..... :wink: