Lowa boots question

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by polar69, Feb 9, 2008.

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  1. ask lowa themselves and see if they make boots without the label; CLICKY
  2. Blimey they are cheap.

    If they are German army issue, they tend to be heavier than the Civi issue, I got both, and they are both bombproof.

    The Soles are different on civi issue, less chunky cleats and therefore marginally lighter but less flexi and comfortable, civi ones have a Vibram sole unit and are Goretex lined.

    Hope this helps......
  3. My advice. Lowa's are the shizzle! :D

    However, might i suggest you invest in the ones without Gore Tex lining!
  4. Listen to the Crow...water over the tops of Goretex...even Lowas, is no fun, they take f*ckin ages to dry out.
  5. AVOID, AVOID like the plague.....They are Web-Tex copies. I've seen Cadets on a simple 14 mile march and the sole decides to remove itself from the rest of the boot. AVOID, AVOID IF YOU KNOW WHATS GOOD FOR YOU. Search around for LOWA camp boots. Like Mountain GTX but without the lining.
  6. Ah I see i'm not the only one who made the mistake then! :D
  7. Copies ? Thought as much

    So whats so bad about goretex linings ?
  8. Well. The leather is waterproof enough. The Gore Tex in my opinion just makes the boot a bit warmer. However have you ever tried drying your goretex jacket inside your daysack??? :roll:

    The Gore tex retains the water and takes atleast 24-36 hours to dry on the window ledge even with newspaper!

    The ones without goretex lining dry as fast as issue boots and the forementioned will be my only Mil Kit buy of 2008.

    Edit to add. Don't be put off LOWA's. Even with this problem they have still been by far the best boots i've ever owned and if the ones without Gore Tex lining didn't exist i'd buy these again!
  9. If you get water inside the boot, the gortex will hold the water inside your boot and make your feet soak in the water. Or 'boil' your feet in the summer. gortex are good for wet ground etc, or cold weather.

    Hope this helps