LOWA Boots - Gore Tex: Not welcome

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by Bad_Crow, Feb 24, 2008.

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  1. Lowa Boots.

    I'm currently the proud owner of a 3 year old per of Lowa Mountain boots. They have been given a real rosting over the years and its getting close to the time for me to send them off to the great boot grave yard in the sky. I intend to replace them with another pair of Lowa's however I won't be getting Lowa Mountains again. Not because they're crap or anything. Quite the opposite. I've tried Altbergs and Meindls and all the rest but Lowa are the best for my feet!

    Instead I want a pair that aren't Gore Tex lined so that they dry a little quicker after being given an underwater work out. The leather is waterproof enough and if that fails... So is my skin! :D

    The Two variants I have had recommended are:

    Lowa Super Camp
    Lowa Patrol Boots

    Both lack the Gore Tex lining that has been the only pain in the arrse on an otherwise perfect boot!

    So does anyone own either of these boots. Any horror stories with either I should know?

    Any hints and tips welcome however I won't be swayed into giving "Suchasomething" boot a go, I'm sticking to what I know... Within reason!

  2. Will you be using the fancy Lowa boot-care stuff on your not-Gore-Tex boots, or will it just be Kiwi?
  3. BBear

    BBear LE Reviewer

    Mate, I've got a pair of Patrol Boots. They're brilliant. Bit of kiwi and a bit of nikwax and they're really, really waterproof. They've had a bit of a pounding too, and they keep going strong.

    As a testament to this, when doing riving crossings in Sennybridge, we tried out different methods of crossing. One involved keeping your boots on but putting a cut-off NBC outer glove over the top of your boots. Waded through chest deep water, and the only wet in the boots came from sweat from the tab up. Great stuff!

    A mate of mine has the super camp boots, but he's a bit of a mincer so I think that explains it!
  4. Well, I look after my boots as far as regular polishing. I'm not **** but I do keep them well looked after with the brush.

    Nikwax probably won't happen all too often. As for the river crossing thing I use the same idea only I use yellow specials stolen from the bleach bucket I keep in the bog. However sometimes you just get wet and thats that.

    Hence the need to bin the Gore Tex.

    Glad you have raised the Bar for the patrol boot though. As for the other ones though. Is your mate a Remfy mincer who uses them for answering the phone in Glasgow for JPA complaints or are his getting a work? :D
  5. if the boot gets submerged how about using goretex socks til it dries out?
  6. I never liked that approach, especially if you had a bit of a tab following the foot wetting. The goretex sock always used to crease up and produce blisters.

    Goretex socks are OK when in a static location. I always prefered the Porelle version, but that was a personal thing.

    The best way of drying boots is to rotate wearing dry pairs of socks - ie, put on a dry pair of socks, they absorb water from the boot, you put on another dry pair of socks, etc. Of course, you then need to dry your socks, but that is easily done by sticking them in your armpits, or down the front of your trousers. In civvy street, I attach them to the outside of my bergen with clothes pegs, which works, but you look like a mong.
  7. I've got a mate with the non gtx Patrol Boot, and I have to say it looks and feels the mutt's nuts. Gonna get a pair myself as soon as I save enough beer tokens!

    Apparently though, the sizing is different, so don't just order the size you had your old Lowas in, try before you buy.

  8. I used to dry wet socks by wrapping them around my calves above my boots and securing them by pulling the socks I was wearing over the top of them, I rarley lost any as even if they got loose the stayed inside my trousers and still dried. This worked well as they would just dry on the move and never got in the way, they were also in the right place for a quick change, obviously you have to move them if you plan to do more wading. Give it a try.
  9. When they first came out i got a pair (god that was years ago!) and worn them on a exercise with a bit of tabbing and they creased up badly causing fecking painful blisters. It was a case of "im sure we will stop soon and i can take them off" well that never happens does it! :x
  10. Wouldnt like to tab out with goretex socks on. However seal skins are the mutts nuts. Like already said they help to dry your boots out, the socks dont crease up and cause blisters and they are breathable. Worth their weight in gold in my opition. Worked for me on cambrain etc.
  11. why buy your own kit, surely if the military system buys combat highs, they are perfectly adequate. I remember the large pack, I used it for years while others were suffering with their bergans.
    Don't waste your money "Man at Q & M's", that's the place to get all your uniform.
  12. A slightly different slant on this thread.
    This summer I am taking part in a long distance walk to raise money for Help 4 Heroes and am looking for advice on what footwear to use. We are looking to walk 20-25 miles/day on tracks and roads for 4 or 5 days in uniform. My issued Magnums are about to fall apart and I really don't want to turn my feet into mush with my current BCH. Grateful for any advice. :?:
  13. As this thread mate, LOWAs are a decent choice. Some people say they are a bit heavy but I reckon they're the mutts. Preferably non goretex (IE the patrols) as your feet will probably parboil in the goretex. Just make sure you break them in well, ideally for a couple of months before doing this march
  14. BBear

    BBear LE Reviewer

    I Nikwax mine every time they get hammered, but I reckon they'd be just as waterproof without it - just habit now I suppose!

    My mate is from the Falklands, and although can be mincerish he's a good guy who trashes about with me. TBH there's not much difference between them, just the supercamp ones have white leather inside them and the patrols some sort of cambrelle lining (whatever that is). Seem the same, just the inside of his are brown through dirt and the like - gopping bastard.

    Either way mate, you're onto a winner. Though one thing i did find was that my patrols dried out quicker than his supercamp ones. Hope this helps!
  15. It does. So far the Patrol are getting the better write up off folks. So cheers!

    Whats all this rumour about size difference between Patrol boots and Mountains though???