Lowa boots- any good?

Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by jonny36, Mar 14, 2008.

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  1. Any good? Best place for the most competitive price?
  2. Very good but try some alternatives on before you buy.
  3. Having had Lowa's and Altberg I would go for Altberg everytime. Bought my Lowa's cheap from the PRI in JHQ, my Altbergs where direct from the Altberg shop in Richmond.
  4. I`ve got Lowa patrol (Non-Gortex), great boots, excellent for CFT and exercise. Brought from rv-ops, tax free if serving aboard.
  5. Never had Altbergs but I have never heard anyone complain about them which must mean something. Prices for all the good boots are around the same so you pay your money and take your choice but I would never buy without trying them on!

    M2G, did you get yours made to measure?
  6. On your feet, excellent.

    On your hands, not so good.
  7. You can buy Lowa cheap on ebay for around £60 german issue.
  8. try

    Lowa boots are comfortable ,And well worth the money
  9. The Altbergs desert microlite and the desert vedthog is fcuking nails like a blood running shoe has that bouncy feel to them. Also the Altbergs jungle microlite is perfect for tabbing and also looks ally,its not waterproof but then it doesnt need to be if your wearing wool socks because its quick drying in hot and cold enviroments so your feet are always snug
  10. No unfortunately I never as I bought them online,but if you are up in Catterick from what I have heard it is well worth going into the shop and and getting a made to measure pair, I have no complaints whatsoever, they fit like a glove so im guessing I have typical squaddie shaped feet!
  11. altberg defender microlites are the dogs bollocks ,super comfy straight from the box. only problem with them is the waiting list it's about 3 months I think at the minute,but there well worth the wait and there is different designs for different jobs .look at the altberg web site ,but its worth geting them sized properly at the factory.if you have problems with your feet they will make them to measure by taking a mould of your foot .

  12. And how would you know, Chubb? Is it just what youve read on here?

    Civvy mong.
  13. lowa are bringing out a black version of their UK 'elite' desert boots in the summer - no gortex just the same materials as their desert boots in black. Personally I find Lowa are excellent but so are Altbergs! best thing is to try both makes on before buying
  14. would you stay clear of a gortex lined boot?
  15. Get the supercamp (awful name but higher than the patrol) and polish it. That way, you have an easily-maintainable boot which if it gets wet will dry out overnight in the sleeping bag. Cheaper than Gucci gore-tex ones too.