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Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by MrMac, Jan 31, 2009.

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  1. Need to get a pair of Lowa boots resoled - anyone recommend a good repair service in UK?


  2. If you're north of the border, Tiso's have done a decent job in the past.
  3. Altberg in Richmond did mine for about 47 quid (Including return postage) 2 years ago. Amazing service, well worth popping in or ringing them if you arent nearby.

    New soles didnt last as long as the originals, but extended the life of the boot for 2 years so far, and I reckon I'll get another 6 months befoire they get resoled again or replaced!
  4. Lowa UK? Through Aaron distribution, been to the factory and seen it done by the people who made them in the first place. Do it through Lowa and the complete boot gets an overhaul including insoles' laces etc. Only they know what glue they have used, what acceleratnt etc. And its relativity cheap.
  5. Aaron, kitmonster's suggestion, seem to recommend FeetFirst too. Down the bottom of this page.
  6. Thanks for the replies guys - gonna give feetfirst a go.


  7. yes mate place in north camp aldershot on the corner of the high street .
  8. Sorry to bump an old thread but I heard there was only "official" Lowa re soleing company...only problem is I don't remeber who it was. Can anyone advise?
  9. Lancashire Sports Repair did a cracking job on my Meindl's.
  10. Aaron Distribution only recommed a few cobblers to carry out Lowa resole work.
    From the Aaron website -

    Footwear repairs
    To extend the life of your LOWA boots even further, Aaron Distribution Ltd recommend two companies (see below), that carry out a fully professional repair service, which includes the full replacement of the sole unit with the approved and genuine LOWA Vibram® tread. A full retread gives renewed grip and posture, and can double the life expectancy of your LOWA footwear. The replacement of rubber rand can also be undertaken.

    Feet First - 01246 260 795

    Lancashire Sports Repairs - 01282 439 109
  11. Excellent cheers guys will give those two a call.
  12. Bit of a thread revival.

    Just been quoted £65 to re sole my Lowas by feetfirst.

    I love them but, not sure if that much.
  13. Lowa do the replacement at the factory in Germany too. Ordinarily the sole and the 1 inch wide rubber band thingy that goes around the boot get replaced. Last time I had a price a couple of years back it was around Euro 65 - 70.....plus postage.

    Still cheaper than a new pair at a couple of hundred, and they are ready worn in - add to that also the factory generally refurbs the whole boot if bits and pieces of stitching are needed, and forget to include the old insoles/laces and new ones may come back too.