Low Rifles turnout at Pegasus Bridge... any idea why?

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Far_King_L, Jun 8, 2009.

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  1. Struck me as odd; over there this weekend; great turnout from the Parachutists and AAC, but The Rifles where near invisible.

    Given that the Ox and Bucks where antecedants of The Rifles, and that this was a pretty impressive and pivotal action, just wondering about the low numbers.

    Any ideas?
  2. the_boy_syrup

    the_boy_syrup LE Book Reviewer

    Arn't a lot of them in Afghanistan?
  3. spike7451

    spike7451 RIP

    2nd? Rifles are in Afghan from Ballyiner.
  4. lots - yes. But they have five reg and two stab battalions so I'd have though a slack company's worth could have been spared. The whole of 3 PARA turned up, so it seemed. Paras have been a bit busy lately too
  5. 1 Rifles came back 6 weeks or so ago, I'd've expected them there
  6. POTL?


    Promotion courses?



    Promotion courses?

    And those are the known possible commitments.

    You can't have everything in this world.

  7. The PegasusBrdge celebrations where for D Day. And there are three Bns not on Ops; 4 are in Edinburgh, for example.
  8. Quote "The whole of 3 PARA turned up, so it seemed. Paras have been a bit busy lately too" Unquote ( Pier pressure or by order ?)

    How many Ex # RGJ and ex # LI Regiments were there? (since they were amalgamated only a short while back)
    Not many of the old comrades will be waring the new badge.

    I think it is a little unfair to expect those recently in theatre to be present, I'd imagine many serving at this time would prefer to be out of it for reasons that I would suspect are having to do with their own experiences of trauma which as a cold war vet I find hard to imagine ( Me? ten years on the lash with a couple of bits of interest thrown in between like many others) Ive spent the last 20 odd years being humbled by the generation of soldiers / HM forces after me, as well as regretting leaving, but that's another story.

    Or am I missing something? ( Not to mention the fact that the para's were very much a part of this particular event of the operation ) Hence >>>>

    I'll post this and be dammed. :roll:
  9. The Rifles capbadge looks VERY much like that of the Ox and Bucks.

    One Bn just back, one out there now, still leaves 3 reg and two TA Bns.

    Yes you are missing something; the knowledge that the bridge was NOT taken by Paras, but by LI. Gliderborne troops are also airborne.
  10. Do 1 Rifles celebrate Maiwand day and Ferozeshah day from the DERR days? 3 amalgamations later, Im not suprised the OX & Bucks LI acheivements has been forgotten.

    Im suprised they even bothered to move the Boer War statue from Slade Park in Oxford when they moved.

    That said, did the RGJ's send anyone in 2004?
  11. I was there at 60, there where 6 buglers and some ( I guess ex-RGJ ) in berets + shirt and tie.

    REf the DERR comments, its fair to say that Pegasus Bridge remains in living memory...