"Low level warfare on Olympics"

New Labour beat them to it.

Don't wish to appear nit picky but how do they reconcile an "anarchist federation"?
Have the LOCOG got no faith in their ability to fcuk the Games up totally on their own?
They've decided to steer clear of terrorism and go for slightlymiffedism instead.
I live opposite a Severn Trent Water reactive maintanance depot, most of the crews seem to be from another service provider.

In times of heavy rain fall the road outside the gate ends up beneath a foot of water, this has been the case for about 4 years now.

Thank you labour.
"I am an anarchist'
Don't know what I want
but know how to get it."

(Sex Pistols).
So they want "Civil War", but are attacking arms companies and the defence industries? The mind boggles.
Threats from groups or individuals such as this are covered under the term 'crank'. This is the lowest of the threat groups.
Quite how anyone can believe that people in the UK are struggling to feed their families is beyond me.
They mean that nice lefty middle class people are struggling to afford the over priced organic veg boxes and have to lower them self to shopping in a supermarket.

God forbid they will have to go out and work instead of induging in yarn bombing and breast feeding all their non imunised kids until they are the age of 10.
This has been one of the best threads in ages, I've been laughing at every post!

I'm glad the Telegraph likes to publish this sort of bollox.

I await them bleating about "surveillance state" next week after demanding "something must be done".

A generation of stategic studies students can learn all they need to know now from watching "Life of Brian" and "4 Lions"

"Ey Up, you unbelieving kufar bastards" versus "Splitters" and Woolfie Smith.

At least the Greeks have a violent black block anachist movement, all our lot can manage is to turn out some posh student rioters.

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