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Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by OldRedCap, May 27, 2005.

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  1. I live in a nice quiet part of Scotland. Quiet except for flaming low-flying driver airframes. Contact with their base gets answer that constant training is necessary. Can those with recent front-line experience confirm this please? From what I recall of Gulf Wars 1 & 2, the destruction of enemy air defence was done from long range/high altitude and any low level flying that might have taken place was superflous. I'm talking about high speed aircraft not heli etc. Also seem to recall that in GW1, low flying was banned by Yanks as counter-productive.
  2. Gonna be hard to dawgfight those 'Indian' lads without NOE flight training.
  3. Do they keep you awake at night?
  4. Don't be a grumpy ole git, you'd love to do it yourself !!
  5. Night time flying is rare and double glazing works well. Problem is one will be walking - dead quiet except few feathered birds and suddenly there is a great noise and - quite often - the damned thing is in valley below me. Takes time to get back to that 'walking in sleep' mode!
  6. Some people don't know a business opportunity when they see one. Just invite some of those beardy-weirdy planespotters to sit in your garden and watch the RAF's finest (both aircraft) zooming about the beautiful Caledonian vista whilst a charming retired monkey brings them tea and cakes. They won't get done for spying like they would in Greece and you could charge them a few quid too.

    Great advice, free, gratis and for nothing.

  7. During GW1 most RAF sorties were flown at low or medium level, in particular the Tornado missions dropping JP233 airfield denial weapons, a risky procedure which cost the lives of some aircrew and resulted in some being shot down and captured. Whatever the altitude from which munitions are delivered, a/c often transit to target at low level as they are much harder for enemy (and Patriot, presumably) to detect, so low-flying is most certainly not superfluous.

    It was the Americans who generally operated at high altitude. If they banned their pilots from low flying, it was probably because of incidents like this: http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/world/53565.stm , and because they lost too many a/c and pilots to accidents.

    I live on a fast-jet base and whilst the aircrew can be a bunch of arrses at times, their skill and commitment is not in doubt; the training is incredibly difficult and the standard required unremitting. This standard is only achieved through constant training in all aspects of what they do. The RAF's safety record is second to none; to consider risking it because of people whinging about noise would be absurd. However, low flying is rigidly controlled and it can only happen when specifically authorised and in specific areas which are rotated to minimise disruption.
  8. Thanks blokes for the info. Nice to read a thread in absence of defectors from NAAFI. My rant is now closed.
  9. If I were you, I would only be concerned when they started a bombing run on your gaff.

    Why don't you paint in large white letters on your roof 'KEEP THE NOISE DOWN YOU CRAB C*NTS'.

    It could work one of two ways for you :lol:
  10. didn't a welsh farmer try that a few years back and it back fired on him as it proved to be of interest to the NATO aircrews on exercise there at the time?
  11. Old Red Cap

    My cousin Shamir, in the artillery souk can let you have a pre-owned ZSU 23x4 at a very reasonable price, including shipping.

    For a special price he will even take the guns off it. I am told that once painted by the Target Aquisition radar, those anti-social youths will keep well away from your valley.

    Alternatively, you might write to the Guardian that it is having an adverse effect on the local breeding fox population and the infants of local, single, teenage, mothers?
  12. Take up listening or transmitting on short wave and inform the RAF that you will be operating using an antenna hanging from a kite flying at 199 ft. Of course their aircraft never come below 200 ft so it will not affect them.

    They will probably mark the position on their mapping system as somewhere to avoid and someone will else will suffer!

    I know that low flying training is necessary but it I have always thought there is something odd with me being liable to a fine if I drive through a nearby village at 31 mph whereas the RAF regularly fly over at 200 ft at several hundred miles an hour.

  13. ISTR that winch operated gliders and what have you used to display a big f off cross of lorraine on the ground to warn aircraft , maybe worth a try

  14. Blackcat,

    Yes, the farmer did. His actual wording was 'P1ss off Biggles'. Sadly, he failed to realise that this made his farm a superb landmark for navigation purposes. I have no idea if it's ture, but someone once claimed that the farmer managed to treble the amount of traffic overhead as a result . ..
  15. You and I both.especially at the beginning and end of the month.And as for all the Chinooks over the last 4 weeks (a real pain in the ARRSE)