Low Flying French KC135

Now THIS is facking low
dancing_colonel1 said:
Drone_pilot said:
Did I see a guy leap out and run for it, look in the background.

yeah, didnt get very far did he!
tail rotor failure?

There was a thread on that video; apparently all were ok - including the person who was thrown clear.

As flashy said; tail rotor failure, although didn't know they'd decided cause was the harsh flare (some argued that tail skid seemed undamaged and it couldn't be fault of flare)

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Look at the video again in slow motion. You will see on one of the early rotations, the tail skid is bent beyond the horizontal. A sure fire indication that he has bonked the tail in to terra firma.

The front end of the skid should be attatched. You can clearly see it aint.



In the past, I've overlayed a full Puma when he first comes in to land. The angle he comes in at means he does in fact strike the tail.

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