Low Flying French KC135

Discussion in 'Aviation' started by Dr_Dorian, Dec 2, 2006.

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  1. Last time I saw one that low it had its wheels down !
  2. think it's an edit job MDN. what is it, a Fulcrum?
  3. Sure I've seen that done somewhere else with an airliner
  4. Now THIS is facking low
  5. We had a AAC pilot that flew my brick around Ireland Like that :puker: :omfg: :pukel:
  6. Did I see a guy leap out and run for it, look in the background.
  7. yeah, didnt get very far did he!
    tail rotor failure?
  8. Looks like it.

    At least the guy could leg it unlike these poor sods ..

  9. Tail rotor failure due to him spanking the tail in on a harsh flare.