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Discussion in 'The Other Half' started by big-timer, Jul 10, 2007.

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  1. I'm aware that this is possibly not the best place to try and get a glimpse into the female psyche, but here goes.

    I’m not normally used to working with women, and those with whom I have worked have naturally worn the same formless green outfit as me. I now work in London in a suit and with a much higher proportion of women.

    Is there a reason that you all wear such low cut tops? The girls who work in my area (and many visitors) wear some pretty distracting outfits, and tend to lean over my desk when talking. It’s very difficult for me not to stare!

    Now, I’m not foolish enough to think that they’re doing this for my benefit (I’m old, fat and married), and they must know that it’s all on show. So does this give me the right to get a good eyeful, guilt-free?

  2. Don't complain.............just enjoy the scenery. :D
  3. Tbh, I don't know if they will always be aware of just how low cut the tops are. Before this year (when I started clinical placements and had to be very aware of how much I was flashing), I probably showed a lot more off than I realised - or didn't realise how much (or little) exposure is required for a bloke to notice!

    But then again, maybe they do realise, cos it can be fun getting people in a fluster,lol!
  4. The ones that get me are the ones that wear low cut tops and then give you evils or try to cover their cleavage when they catch your eye.

    Tend to be fatties too.
  5. Yes, it's called career advancement.

    Hope this helps.
  6. works like a powerful aphrodisiac for some :D

  7. Are you one of those women moodybitch??
  8. Alsacien

    Alsacien LE Moderator

    Low cut tops are great - more power to ya!

    Just skip the current bare stomach fashion though - if it ain't good, I don't wanna see it - rolls of pale flab/blubber/stretch marks hanging over yer jeans is NOT the same as excess tit hanging out of yer bra......
  9. It's hard not to have a sneaky letch but I prefer to understand this 'display' as marketing. It's advertising what you might get, should you invest.

    Snakes with tits - all of 'em...not bitter or nothing.
  10. ...which is why the new Secretary of State for the Home Office (or whatever the new name is) was displaying her embonpoint the other day!

    I bet she won't do that again!

  11. "Whale Tail" and "Muffin Top" though delightful in some cases "wad pit a coolie aff his rice" in many others :roll:
  12. Thing is, as her boss allegedly bats for the other side, she's not going to score any brownie points (har-de-har) with him by doing so. I think her chebbage display was more to do with trying to be regarded as "sexy but capable" - Theresa May has a lot to answer for! :roll:
  13. I wore a low cut top to work last week, it made the rest of the blokes sick! The hairy chest put them off their brew!
  14. Oh yes she will. She is a one trick pony is Ms. Smith.

    Yesterday I was visiting one of the great departments of state "up that London". Well DEFRA anyway but I can safely declare that yesterday was "Tit Monday". That dash of July sunshine brought out all the ladies in vests and summery tops in great numbers. I would particularly like to give honourable mentions to the black girl I bumped into outside the coffee shop on Horseferry Road in the white singletty affair - EE if she was a cup-size. Also the slim (unusally for Cuddles) lass having a crafty drag on the corner of Smith Square. I suspect she wears a bra just to contain her nipples, excellent effort.

    All day long there was summer time totty on display. It almost compensated for London being a vile stench hole of dirt, squalor and the home of Ugly Cherie.