Low cost 4x4's

Discussion in 'Cars, Bikes 'n AFVs' started by uncle_vanya, Mar 17, 2012.

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  1. A Low cost, reliable small 4x4 (petrol or diesel 1.6 engines) that is not too expensive to run, maintain, Tax or insure. A vehicle that returns 40 mpg or more with careful driving, and has 5 doors. any ideas??

    I have looked at the Nissan Quasqai 4x4 'intelligent' drive and this seems to be quite popular, is not too big and looks reasonable price wise
  2. ugly

    ugly LE Moderator

    Terios is smaller inside than the Jimny and thats tiny unless you take out the rear seats.
    Mpg is never great with off road tyres but at least the Jimny is pennies to insure and tax.
  3. You haven't told us how much you want to spend, and what is important. Is off road ability a key point or do you just want something for rough tracks etc?

    For my money, if off road ability isn't essential, Honda CR-V (they aren't at the top of the reliability tables for nothing), or Toyota RAV4, again, not brilliant off road. Both will cope with snow and some mud, and they have more ground clearance than normal cars for tracks etc. Both really well put together. If you can't afford new, look at nearly new/used stuff, still more reliable than the Suzukis etc. That said, the Jimny has a certain reputation off road, they can be made pretty useful. I also like the Terios, but again, very small. Honda and Toyota every time.
  4. ugly

    ugly LE Moderator

    If all you want is a decent car with 4wd then buy a Subaru Forrester!
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  5. I'll +1 that. Subaru just don't go wrong. Capable down some tracks, just lack ground clearance.
  6. It doesn't meet your engine criteria, but the Hyundai Tucson 2.0D CRDi is a very good crate. Well made and not expensive on the used market. Some are 2WD only, but most are 4x4. The car runs as FWD usually (saving fuel), but the 4WD kicks in when required or you can press the button on the dash.
  7. Ravers

    Ravers LE Reviewer Book Reviewer

    I had a Quasquai as a courtesy car while my proper 4x4 was being serviced, it was rough. Everyone who travelled in it commented on how poor the ride was and the fact it made them feel car sick.

    Apparently the new Kia sportage is a decent car.
  8. Are you looking for a brand new one?
  9. Subaru Forrester built to last & now with a diesel engine.
    Really nice to drive & built like a tank!

    They may be small but the Jimny can be had for as little as £500 on ebay!
    MPG about 40, spares are plenty & fun to drive.
  10. If it aint Jap its crap ,Korean stuff is attractive at first glance but the build quality and design on drive trains and engines is poor.
    Land Rover spares are cheap but you will need loads of them! especially with a free lander petrol.
  11. If you hang on until the end of the year, the Dacia Duster will cost you between £10k and 13k new. I saw this on Fifth Gear last night. It's Romanian built but its' mainly Renault and shares the same engine as the Qashkai. Looks average, but according to the tester if you can put up with the late 80s look and feel, it's bomb proof. I had a read of one of the press reports (Telegraph I think), who weren't that impressed by it. The reporter suggested that for the money, you'd be better off with a second hand Yeti. All depends on what you want it for I suppose.
  12. Residual value in 3 years about 4K!!!!! like I said , if it aint Jap its crap ,
  13. ugly

    ugly LE Moderator

    My x plate Jimny iis sorned and sat on the drive, good runner, just needs new brake pipes and mot!