Low confidence/ fitness worries..

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by RazSAFC, Dec 9, 2008.

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  1. Hi all im going to Pirbright on the 16th Feb but my confidence is low im just not a confident person, i cant wait to go though but i am just worried how it will go for me, i passed selection ok i was advised to go home because i pulled summat in my back and had the run the next day but wanted to carry on nd got 13 min in my run which was disappointing. I feel i am a good runner but my main worrie is that im not strong tbh i only managed a few pull ups at adsc i obviously didnt train enough before i went.
    I passed so surely that means they think i will be ok?

    There was no vacancies for my 1st job choice in the Royal engineers so im joining the signals as driver lineman. Im 17 and just wondering if anyone else was in my position or anything. Sorry if half of this doesnt make sense just trying to explain how i feel lol

    Be greatful for any advice thanks.
  2. Im starting in Pirbright in january and have similar worries, Im convinced I need to put on some more weight (Im only 9 and a half stone)

    Ive just pushed it to the back of my head and done as much training as I can, nothing else for it mate.
    Good luck
  3. If you passed selection and have been given a join date, they obviously think that you have the potential to do the job. So if you put a lot of work in and try your best instead of just sitting there worrying, you shall stand a much higher chance of getting through basic.
  4. There you go answered your own question.

    It's a big step to join the army at any age, even more so the younger you are. There will be many in the same boat and you can chat to many of them who are joining on some of the threads here.

    The first few days will be a shock and you will ALL get beasted a lot, making you feel even less confident.

    Within a few weeks your confidence will grow, believe me and your parents and those who know you will see a marked improvement in the way you walk and confidence.

    If I were you, I would do some training, but don't overdo it, good idea to train with someone if you can.

    Am sure you will be ok Good luck
  5. Difficult but not impossible. I joined in TA in 2001 also weighing 9/12 stone within 2 weeks i had put on the most amount of additional weight ever. U will still have advantages over other guys, u need to get do the gym, work out a timetable if u wana avoid injury. Somethin like three days, legs, back, upper (x2) then one day off is wot i do.

    Enjoy it, with comitment and abit of hardwork it aint impossible, support the other guys and they will do the same for you. (don't forget ur iron, as in ironing board!)


    editted cos you didn't think you got 4 days off gym did you! and just seen below you will get beasted
  6. You have got 12 weeks to get in gear mate, plenty of time ! It sounds like you know the answers to your own questions so half the battle is won. Identify your weaks areas, swot up on how to improve said areas and throw yourself into it. As said before it will be a shocker when you get there but keep your eye on the prize and stick at it. Good luck
  7. RazSAFC - you have had the confidence to apply, pass selection, realise that perhaps you need to train more, and then ask for help and advice - all of which take a level of confidence and determination and self belief.

    As has been noted in the posts above, do some training (follow the guidance you will have been given or look at fitness threads on here), don't overdo it though and you will feel happier. As for helping to raise your confidence - it will happen once you see what you can achieve. Smile, say hello to people, listen to what your instructors tell you, learn from mistakes, try your absolute best and you will do just fine. Good luck to you
  8. Try and join a local boxing club, the endurance and strength training will develop you quickly and your confidence will be up ready for entry.

    Like has been said, army training will give you confidence. If you apply yourself you will achieve all that you need to and more.

    As for weight, some loose weight in training. I put it on. The food is good despite the jests aimed at chef's etc.

    Youll do ok, keep the head down
  9. thanks alot ppl all makes good sense il take onboard what you al said cheers
  10. You must have some confidence to pass the team tasks, show the same spirit in training & you should be ok
  11. Don't worry about the confidence, it will come slowly but surely. What was your first choice in the Engineers; if it was C3S I'm suprised they said there was no vacancies.
    Good luck. Learn to believe in your own abilities and you will be fine.
  12. You'll find there will be alot of people feeling exactly the same way as you mate, i really wouldn't worry about it you will all be in the same boat and you will all pull together and work as a team, honestly i don't wind yourself up about it. Goodluck mate
  13. cheers ppl

    "What was your first choice in the Engineers; if it was C3S I'm suprised they said there was no vacancies.

    my 1st choice was specialist driver/operator think they said no vacancies until April, didn't want to wait though so just got my 2nd choice.
  14. Hi folks,

    Just joined ARRSE and really need some advice, iv applied to join as a dog trainer and everything is worrying me.....
    well main worry is my fitness level( or lack of it) i know that i have to run 1.5miles for selection and i get a sore chest after running for about 5mins ( laugh all u want but its not bloody funny!) . Everybody keeps telling me to just ignore it and keep running but its just not getting any better. Any Tips ?????.
    another thing is that they are recruiting for dog trainers in feb and because its such a small core and there isn't many places i would have to go to a board meeting and get chosen (hopefully) out of however many other people have applied :( .
    HEEEEELLLLLLLLLLLP!!!!!!!!!!!! any tips would come in handy massively.
  15. Progressive training is all I can suggest. The training programme dished out is pretty good, follow that. Unless you are naturally fit (lucky fcukers that those people are) you will have to work at it. This means training, decent diet etc.
    Maybe it's your running technique that is making your chest sore. If you are setting off like Usain Bolt no wonder you're bollocked after 5 minutes. You should be looking at running at a speed of 8mph for a bang on the nose 10.30 run time. Depending on where you go some units do look dimmly on guys straight out of training getting over 10mins. Hell, I got 9.40 at my first Sqn and that nearly wasn't good enough.