Lovely weather.

jockinese said:
I can just about see Caerphilly Castle, you must be fairly close to me nebapneb
\looks around

could be, tall building next to cardiff nick
good views down queen street in the summer
love it!


Bollox. 5 inches of snow & my flight to New york gets cancelled. No buses or trains. Feckin expedia want £59 to cancel 1 nights hotel stay when it only costs £45 a night. 5 inches of snow & we're fecked. I'm burning all the greenhouse gases i can from now with a panda on top of my bonfire for spite. C.unts
Just to prove it aint only us. Back in about 2000, I had to come to the UK in late November to do some visa crap. Lunchtime flight to Warsaw. Got there and got stacked. After about 45 mins, we were told There's snow on the runway ( Warsaw, November, surprise, bloody surprise) and the ground staff are not able to cope, so we are relocating to Krakow. Check a map. I finally got home, after a far from pleasant BUS trip from Krakow to Warsaw, not far off midnight. Compensation did ensue from British Midland, and they handled it very well, I must say, but perhaps that's because I am a terrier. Apropos of nothing, in the back yard of the Technical Museum in Kosice, Slovakia, they've got 2 jet engines on wheels, once used for runway ice clearance, so cold does it get round here!
I'm on a rig in the Southern sector off the North Sea, just been outside, WAIT till you see whats comming your way, not nice at all. Temp out here is around zero, nothing lying, but the sleet and wind is worsening.

FiveAlpha said:
chokinthechicken said:
Temp out here is around zero, nothing lying
I should hope not otherwise 'The Day After Tomorrow- The Return' could be on the cards.
Quick, head for Mexico !

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