Loveliest Airport in the world

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I’m rather surprised @redshift hasnt been on to tell us about the airports in Australia.
Not necessarily. I was happily commuting to/ from Dublin/ Bournemouth every weekend for a few months for less than 40 quid return recently.
I always found the flight timing (particularly on return) better from So'ton and the return fare from Pokesdown to Parkway was cheaper than Mon to Fri parking at Bournemouth... All phucked up now FlyBe's gone south... There was a few months in 2008 when the flight timing and costs worked out best getting RA BOH to DUB Monday then FB to Soton Friday afternoon.


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Redang, Malaysia. Utterly charming. I don’t remember any facilities as hotel transport collects you and brings you back with hardly any time hanging around. On our way out, we were checked in by a friendly, efficient woman. Having checked in all the passengers, she made an announcement that Passport control would open shortly and disappeared. The immigration gate opened and we went through to be greeted by the same woman, now wearing a an official cap. Passports stamped, there was an announcement that boarding would commence and you guessed it, boarding was done by the same woman now wearing a scarf in airline livery
I fly very infrequently, but in 2009 I found LF Wade (Bermuda) to be really very relaxed and friendly. Hopefully it’s still the case.


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Munich is a model of cleanliness and Teutonic efficiency, Vienna isn't bad either...
Yer, I liked Vienna airport, always seemed to be 'calm', we used it on one of the routes to/from Kosovo when Macedonian Scareways were playing up. We used to overnight just outside Ljubljana (sp?) in a little village that wouldn't look out of place in 'The Sound Of Music', then fly into Wien and onward to East Mids. The obvious benefits were a overnight in a village bar and going nowhere near CDG :thumleft:
Kuala Lumpur, it's not charming but it is bloody efficient. I've flown into KL many times and each time I try to compare it to Heathrow I start laughing.
Second Munich, the Lufthansa terminal in particular. The LCC/BA one not so much.
I like Ronaldsway. Particularly when there is a strong head wind and you get a good long look at the coast from 10 meters or so.
Dusseldorf, quiet, efficient and serve baked Pike in the cafe.
Bremen nearly in city centre, but EasyJet are funnelled off through a garden shed.
I landed in Bremen last night at 20.45. I was sat near the front so amongst the first off. Only ten in front of me at passport control and was through in five minutes. Proceeded to luggage carousel and my case was already there.
Picked up at 21.10 outside the exit doors.
And that was with Ryan.
Zürich was always my favourite. Marvellously efficient and clean, and with a mainline railway station under the terminal.
Top experience was checking our hold luggage in at the railway station in Davos, and not seeing again until the carousel in Edinburgh.

I don’t know if it’s still there, but 20 years ago when our kids were nippers, Zürich had a special lounge for families with toddlers and babies. It had a play area and spacious baby changing facilities, and there was rarely anyone else in it.
Just shows how experiences can vary. I used to fly Aberdeen - Norway frequently, and found Aberdeen horrible.
still is , up dated but still a little airfield / heliport calling itself Aberdeen international airport