A 12 year boy says to his dad, Dad can I get a plasma screen with Sky telly in my bedroom for my birthday. The dad says it's very expensive, but he'll see.
On his birthday the wee boy runs home from school and up to his room, and there on the wall is the big plasma screen with Sky plumbed in, so he settles down to watch his new telly.
Later on he comes down to the living room, where his mum and dad are sitting, and he asks his dad, Dad what's lovejuice? well his mum has a hairy fit, bursts into tears and runs into the kitchen. His dad keeps his cool and says, sit down son, I better explain about the facts of life. So he explains about sex, females bodies, masturbation, and all sorts of sexual information. Listening to all this sexual stuff the wee boys jaw just about hits the deck, the dad seeing this then says, son just what programme were you watching up in your room, and the wee boy says WIMBLEDON!! :D

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