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Discussion in 'Films, Music and All Things Artsy' started by dingerr, Jan 7, 2013.

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  1. What's the best for providing on online movies?

    I've currently got LoveFilm, but their movie selection isn't exactly upto date, being at leat a couple of years old.

    Is NetFlix any better or are there others that trump all?
  2. PM maguire.

    I just buy dvds from Amazon (via ARRSE) and watch them when I don't watch reality shit shows.

    (Deal or No Deal is on),
  3. My new TV came with Netflicks and as far as movies are concerned I can't say I was impressed. The kids absolutely love it for their programmes ( power rangers etc etc).
    So at £6 a month we are keeping it as the kids do get value - but really not sure it is worth it for movies.

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  4. Netflix offer a 30 day free trial (as do Lovefilm) so give it a go .. I've tried both and found Lovefilm marginally better for my taste, but Netflix is ok if you like watching stuff like Dexter and Breaking Bad - the latter not being shown in the UK ..
  5. I have the 30 day free trial for lovefilm but found the selection to be fairly limited too. I was hoping to watch some idiot abroad but they don't have any of the series available.
  6. Sixty

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    If it's just movies you're after there's also Now TV. Newer stuff but slightly more expensive (£8.99 a month). It's provided by Sky.

    They offer a free trial too.

    Watch movies online - NOW TV

  7. What he said ! my little un loves the TV shows and the box sets for that reason alone its worth £6 month.
  8. Tried both, both were shit one you'd watched the handful of things worth watching.

    Proxying your ip through the US gets a better package I hear.
  9. Tried both I have Lovefilm at the moment, as others have said no much between them
  10. Blink box is pretty good for single rentals. £3 ish to rent a new movie. Pretty big library too
  11. I have netflix, the films tend to be a few years old but i don't mind that. initially the selection seems very limited, but after you start watching movies, new ones appear, they offer selections on different themes, horror, war, suspense ect, and also selections for viewing based on what you habe been viewing with them. I only do it for the films, not interested in old TV shows. For £6 a month i feel it is very worthwhile. I have just watched the sphagetti westerns with Clint eastwood again, fantastic.