Lovefilm - Anyone used it?

I just signed up for a free trial, so far impressed! You sign up to a monthly payment plan, but are on a free trial period of that plan. So at the moment I'm on a '2 DVDs at home at a time" plan. You select a list of DVDs you want to rent and they send you 2, then when you return them they send the next 2. Only thing bad I can say about it is once they have received the DVDs from you, there is about 1-2 days where THEY select, from your list, what to send you next. I suppose this is down to availability of the titles, but even if you set a certain title to 'high' priority on your list, there are no guarantees that they will send that one/two out next. A bit annoying! I do like the recommendations that they give you though, going by what you've rented in the past they suggest titles that suit your general interests in genre, actors, etc. Also, postage is quick! Usually an overnight kind of deal.

Anyone else had any experience with it?
I use it, and get on fine with it.
The trick to getting the films you really want to see, is to not have too many titles in your chosen list. I trimmed my list down from about 50, down to half a dozen of the films I really want to see.
I have the version badged by Tesco but supplied via LoveFilm - used it for ages and find it v good.
Miner said:
I use it, and get on fine with it.
The trick to getting the films you really want to see, is to not have too many titles in your chosen list. I trimmed my list down from about 50, down to half a dozen of the films I really want to see.
Good idea. They suggest on the site that 'having 10 unique titles works out better' or something. I beg to differ. I put Die Hard 4.0 (never seen it, don't judge me) on my list as well as that new movie 'Surrogates'. Looked at my account page today to find out I am now receiving two Bruce Willis movies at the same time. Extracts the urine! Almost no point in setting priorities in your list as they seem to ignore it anyway. Oh well, trimming the list would be the sensible thing to do I guess! Thanks for the tip.
Ive used it a while now never had any problems such as DVDs not working and always speedy delivery, i always recommend to friends so i get a free month aswell so i cant complain
I used them but gave up as I never found the time to watch the number supplied. A good service though. My only niggle (which they sorted out V quickly) was the sending of the special features DVD of a set as a separate choice?? One to watch out for. I would go back to them if I wanted a DVD rental service again.
I like the 'no late fee' thing. Not that I'd hang onto a rental for long anyway, but good to have your options open if you don't have the time to sit down and watch.
We had massive dramas with it and cancelled our subscription.

We were sent random films which were not from our requested listed, when we received the film we wanted the DVD quality was plop. On more than one occasion the quality was so poor we couldn’t watch the film.

We cancelled our subscription then received a bill demanding £10 for an unreturned DVD. This was filed in the bin followed by a phone call to Lovefilm, who apologised. Then followed a demand from a debt collection agency for the outstanding amount of £10. Red mist descended and Lovefilm got both barrels.

I wouldn’t recommend them to anyone from our experience.
Cait, never experianced anything like that myself.

I've had one dodgy DVD that wouldn't work in over 4yrs of using the service.
Sent it back marked "faulty".
They sent me another copy and gave me an extra film as way of an apology.

Each to their own though.
Used them for ages. Good selection, good copies and fairly fast turn-around. Worked out much cheaper than Blockbuster given the volume of films I watch.

Then I discovered BitTorrent.
Maybe we were in the minority but it was enough to sour the relationship so to speak.

The only plus side was getting to watch a complete re-run of Secret Army 8)
Used Blockbuster's own for a while back -it was brilliant. If there was a duff DVD, they didn't charge for it. Highly recommended and very speedy.
We used it for a long time now. Depending on time of year - ie how much time we spend watching the goggle box, we move our package up and down.

On the basic right now and that's enough - especially with the credits you can build up over time.

Would highly recommend it.
I used it a coupla years ago and thought the service was fine - but on the other hand, as Broadband gets cheaper, and given all the movies on FREEVIEW I wasn't getting enough out of it to want to pay.

That said, I am told by an IT savvy acquaintance that he managed to sustain his free 30 day service for over 2 years, by judicious and timely editing of his account details (just before cnacelling, and then starting again, IIRC . . . I know it wasn't difficult)

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