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Love v Sex?



Love?? Isn't that something that a lady does whilst you fcuk the shiite out of her?

My money's on deviants.


Book Reviewer
Thought so. Just a meaningless word.

Prince Albert you filthy stop-out!! Get back in your box!

Now, 'SEX' on the other hand . . . well, on the other hand, it's wnaking isn't it?
Elmer Gantry: Love is the morning and the evening star. Not the carnal love , but the divine love.

Lulu Bains: Oh, he gave me special instructions back of the pulpit Christmas Eve. He got to howlin' "Repent! Repent!" and I got to moanin' "Save me! Save me!" and the first thing I know he rammed the fear of God into me so fast I never heard my old man's footsteps!

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