Love Ulster parade MK2 - Croke Park

Discussion in 'Sports, Adventure Training and Events' started by The-Daddy, Feb 22, 2007.

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  1. Just heard on the news (Irish radio) that "certain hooligan elements" are planning to attack England fans on their way to the Ireland v England rugby match at Croke Park this weekend. No link as yet
  2. What do they intend to attach them to?
  3. don't you just wish ARRSE had a spell check option? :frustrated:
  4. Shouldn't that be Croak Park? ;-)
  5. It's probably missing.
  6. God save the Queen to be played/sang at Croke Park , an Ulster protestants dream !!!!
  7. This is new when England played Ireland at Lansdowne road there never was any trouble! Why should it be different? They always played God save the Queen at Lansdowne.
  8. in the place where 13 civilians were machine gunned by Auxilleries - the provos consider Croke Park their Mecca - you can guarantee that Sinn Fein activists will be thinking up some kind of welcome.

    Probably pissed up yobbos wearing Man U shirts chucking bricks & bottles in the name of a free Ireland
  9. Ah but Croke Park is the spiritual home of Gaelic heritage! Thats why its different!
  10. Because Croke is the spiritual home of Gaelic games & so caled Garrison games like Rugby & Football have never been played there . The GAA even had to have a special vote to permit the playing of these games during the redevelopment of Lansdowne road
  11. Its fecking Croke!
    Páirc an Chrócaigh
    Lets hope it all goes okay.
    Rugby football is a bit better behaved game off the park than soccer, im sure you all remember the English rioting at Landsdowne in '95 Match abandoned after 27 mins!
    Chill Winston :meditate:
  12. Oh yes there was. Not from us of course but from English fans. Didn't An Garda Siochana have to wade in about ten years ago to teach them a lesson? And what a lesson it was. Anybody trying to feck things up at Croke Park needs to watch out because the ROI isn't quite as politically correct as the UK and the Guards will not hesitate to get the long truncheons out - AND USE THEM, to great effect.
  13. The Gardai are nothing but a bunch of corrupt overpaid security guards - at Lansdowne they tried to bully the English fans who up to that point were well behaved (maybe a little boisterous). The cowards waded into small crowds of innocent bystanders and left the hardcore hooligans alone.

    Feckin' amateurs!
  14. Ah yer arse. If they can handle the peons in Ballymun they can handle a few juiced up eejits.
  15. I hope nothing happens! The English fans are going to have enough to chew on anyway, when their team gets whitewashed by "da boyyos".