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Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Awol, Sep 24, 2005.

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  1. Despite media overload, Presidential caution (evacuate the whole damned South, dammit) and much handwringing, it appears that Rita is a bit of a damp squib in hurricane terms.

    The media bless 'em, have been wetting themselves over the past few days and anyone taking things at face value would assume that the US faced a natural Armageddon. The reality is that Katrina was big enough to break a few levees, a world famous city was flooded because it happened to have been built a bit too low and politicians ended up squabblng about race and responsibility. End of story you might think...but no, because by good fortune ('good' in media terms), a couple of weeks later Rita hove into view and brought with her the suggestion that it was not only all going to happen again, but this time it was Bigger, Badder and the end of the world was probably in sight.

    To avoid more eggs on faces the politicians evacuated millions of people and complete cities, never mind that hurricanes, BIG hurricanes happen every year and have done since these cities were built. No, reputations might suffer so, regardless of the need, get those people out. In the process of this totally needless bureaucratic panic, a bus load of old dears got toasted. They get to be a hundred years old, they survive two world wars and then die horribly because politicians are busy covering their arrses.

    The media too, have built everything up out of all proportion. From watching Sky News you would think aliens had landed and were eating schoolkids. Lots of rain and bending trees and empty roads, with brave journos talking about how it is too dangerous for anyone to remain behind (except the thousands of representatives of the world's media, the residents that refused to go, the National Guard, emergency services, Fema, everyone's pets etc, etc..) and then right at the end a grudging "it was actually downgraded to a Category Two before it made landfall". In other words, despite the fact that it is actually one of the weakest hurricanes of recent years (See here), they've built up the story, after they made the story, so they have to keep the story going at all costs despite there not actually being much of a story anyway.
  2. No, they died horribly because their bus caught fire, and they were physically incapable of getting off the bus.

    Unless you are suggesting, of course, that they should have had at least one burly firefighter riding shotgun and a small team of US National Guard as an escort to help get them all off. In which case the federal government's abject failure to foresee this event and provide them with such assistance is most certainly to blame for their horrendous and most undignified deaths.

  3. It's because certain elements are so keen to knock the Administration that they approportion blame even to acts of god. A culture of blame that led to the old dears being on the bus in the first place.
  4. Yes but who's god is it? I was always under the impression that Bush was convinced that God was on his side. Maybe it was a message from God to let us all know that even He thinks Bush is a complete tosser.
  5. W's administration was stuck between a rock and a hard place.

    He had two choices, take the gamble that the hurricane would deteriorate sufficiently enough before striking land and allow people to stay in their homes, or not to take that risk and evacuate the city to try and minimise any potential injuries/fatalities.

    Either way he was gonna have people blaming him for what happened.

    He did what he and others thought was the best option. Just so happens that the hurricane was slightly stonger than a fanny fart when it landed.

  6. I understand now that the DoD are making a play for C2 of similar natural disasters in future. If that happens it should secure a nice slice of additional funding for defence.