Love of Minden

Discussion in 'Professionally Qualified, RAMC and QARANC' started by WasMe, Jan 7, 2006.

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  1. Who remembers Minden!

    Kingsley, The Shack, Melitabad

    oops, the tears have started!!!!!!!!!!! Laughing!

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  2. 24 hr bar........Mammas bar
  3. dissapointing, I thought the thread read "Love of Minder"

  4. Here is a good link to Minden (Kingsley in 2001)
  5. Banned from Studio Ms and every other decent place on account of being a Brit. Yeah, I miss it. Like f*ck I do. I was up there middle of last year for a sojourn. The place is the pits. The whole town is filthy. Mindeners.......even the Germans hated them.

    Yep, I'm just about to cry myself to sleep.
  6. Aye I remember it well, the shack and Kristina's tits, CS spray when it kicked off, Mamas(24hr Bar), The Music box when totally lashed, the Melitabad bar which was usually full of Monkeys with sh*t attitudes, and stiffs alley Gyros house (lovely!!).

    Mind I bet it is a shi*e hole now as Biscuits_AB says. I was on the draw down and worked at Kingsley but lived up by Clifton, which the Queens had moved out of and it was populated full of refugees, who were running whore houses and all sorts of sh*t from there. And the same fate was in store for Kingsley, Elizabeth and St Georges I believe.
  7. Clifton has now been pulled down. It did house refugees for a while, which p*ssed the locals off a bit as the Stadt had promised to convert the barracks into a leisure complex once Tommy Atkins shipped out. Once the refugees went it stood there empty. Trees growing through the square etc. There are one or two MT buildings still up (well they were around Octoberish last year) but the rest has been cleaned away.

    The Music Box is still there. I'm not sure if it still calls itself the Music Box. There's an Irish pub up the same road in the direction of the BAB 2 in Porta. That big knocking shop on the banks of the Weser next to the Porta railway station is still there.

    Can anyone tell me (I've been racking my brains for years on this one), what the f*ck was the disco called, which was located on the opposite side of the bridge from Studio Ms. It was run by an ex slop jockey. If you crossed the bridge on the way back to Elizabeth Bks from the town, iy was the first building on the left side literally 10 metres from teh bridge. Any ideas. It's long closed but it was open in 1988 as I was leaving Minden (Oh happy day!). I can't remember the name of the bloke who owned it either.

    There was the Bierdorf along Victoria Strasse near Elizabeth. That's long shut and has shrubs growing out of teh walls now. The Grill bar outside Elixabeth has gone. All of the quarters are obvioulsy now in the possession of Germans apart from the flats down Barenkamp which are in the hands of evrybody else but the Germans.

    Westminster barracks has had a face lift and now sports smoked glass windows. It's some sort of business project now. The road system around the Clifton Bks and Porta Westfalica areas has changed beyond all recognition. It's all dual carriageway now. Rhodesia Bks isn't there anymore and St Georges is now a Markt Kauf although MDN reckons that some of it is still standing at the back.

    I must admit I spent 2 years in Minden and it was the worst posting I ever had in my entire career. Some good times nevertheless but it was just a town that I couldn't take to. Mind you having been posted to Minden from Berlin, that was hardly surprising.

    Mama's Bar. What a dive. Vivaldis....the bar where the Argylls used to get past the 'Out of bounds to all English' on account of them being Jocks......."We're no English pahl". After a week of continual violence by them, the owner sussed that he'd been had and changed the sign outside to 'No Scottish'. Spent many a happy evening down there laughing at Jocks talking like the cast of East Enders, trying to get past the bouncer.
  8. Hands up if you were ever invited to the Courts Martial Centre. "fined £300, march him out". Just another experience out of 18 years!
  9. You'll be happy to know that the Courts Martial Centre is no longer there either.
  10. Wasn't Rainbow Rocks or something like that was it? Might be well off beam but that name rings a bell for some reason. Didn't mind Minden too much myself, then I never got to go to Berlin!!, better than Sennelager the worst lager in the world though!!.
  11. Yeah my spies had told me. Talk about a certain Rupert trying to knife me. Flown out from UK, paid LOA,
    pissed everynight in the mess, opportunity to buy duty frees, all for a fine. I took great delight in having
    my tongue in my cheek as I was marching out while he sat in the back row with his bottom lip tripping him.
    Other than that had a great 2 years in Minden.
  12. I would disagree Stanley. I loved Sennelager. Wher else could you go out, get blind drunk, a dose of crabs, a curry wurst and chips and a good shoeing..........for only 20 marks?
  13. True but by the time I got to taste the delights of the strip it was a watered down version full of slapper pads wifes with face's like a 10 year old pair of Para's combat highs, and pimple faced nigs who couldn't hold their wobbly, I envy you fellas who got the full blown delights!!
  14. Elizabeth Bks now reported as follows

    Gym - Wez super mkt - almost shat a nugget laughing at seeing a pic of shopping trollys on the square instead of waggons
    MT area and shed still doing civi MT stuff
    Naffi = Kindergarten - something in that I recon
    HQ accom (to notch I was) civi flats
    HQ bldg - local businessess
    A, B & C coy accom = housing converted
    HW coy = still under referb - they started that one first..... says sommit about mortors and Milan folk doesn't it
    Hofficers mess - a gonner by all accounts
    Sgts mess - civi accom and business unit
    Paddock and veh sheds = civi business
    Sports field - huge housing development

    Should have used a f-ing big bomb on it all. I'm now frequently bac in Germany on business etc and strangly Minden is not on my list to visit. Filty orrible place...!
  15. Ventress

    Ventress LE Moderator

    Loved Sennelager, Stan, I hear nothing has changed there!

    Unfortunately my military spiritual home is and always will be is Tidworth!