Love life: advice please..

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Bravo_Bravo, Dec 7, 2007.

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  1. Ha haaa, that got your attention...

    Has a weekend " away with the TA " ( = 6 shags and a blowjob. Happy days. ) Oh, plus 7 1/2 bottles of parafino.

    Despite this incredible display of swordsmanship, she went home and shagged her husband: map to grid, or what?


  2. Dead right, just keep her on the books for occasional fcuks
  3. Just shag.shag and shag .
    Just use and abuse them ,They will love you for it
  4. Mmm, thought so... cheers dudes, her hubby is frothing - even better...

  5. Is that what your aunty, Chubb, tells you?

    BB. If you play your cards right, you can get hubby to give you a bj too. Menagery 'o twar etc. ;)
  6. Oooh Flshy, I bow to your brainery.. a hole IS the goal and there is no difference between the inside of a mans and a womans mouth...

  7. Are you fucking real my auntie speak about sex ,You have to be fucking joking . She is a bible basher .

    You have more chance fucking one of the spice women
  8. The husband probably noticed she was wetter than usual and didnt realise it was you dribbling down her flaps..

    he probably had more track marks than an olympic sports field and your now rabid with hep c :p

  9. I see your command of the English language is still on par with an instruction manual written in Mongolian and translated into Swedish by a non Swedish speaking Fuckwit from the planet Zod.

    Now disappear you quarter witted half-a-head.
  10. Hows the view from that fence your sitting on???
  11. Flash why aint you shagging your mrs or as she traded you in for a younger model like us .
  12. Oh good. Another retarded feckwit username posting shite on this site. Just what we need.

    What is the attraction for these people? What enjoyment do they derive from crayoning on the walls of a site to which they haven't the faintest connection?

    A demand for attention is the best explanation I can come up with. Perhaps Facebook or Bebo might better suit their needs, but until they find their preferred web site it might be better to cloak their puerile, inane ramblings from the proper members.

    (By the way, welcome back Flashy. Good to see you again.)
  13. Lucky_Jim, it's the latest incarnation of Chubb and/or its nephew, Nathan.....


    God alone knows what drives it/them to infest this site, we've been fending them off for years.