Love Letter Back to an Old Gunner?

Sorry in advance, the gunners' forum is unfamiliar territory to me. :) But please, humor me for a second.

Eye_of_Newt said:

Love letter from the 1940s found

The family of a World War II soldier is being sought after a love letter posted 68 years ago turned up among items dumped by a burglar in Hertfordshire.
The note, addressed "My Darling Bill", was found in a bag left in the garden of an empty house in Borehamwood.

Police said the letter was signed by a woman called Monica, who was delighted at Bill's marriage proposal in Kew Gardens, London.

The letter was addressed to W. J. Miller, at Aldershot Barracks, Hants.

Police said they hoped to hand back the letter to Monica or Bill's family.

In the letter, Monica said: "It is only a few hours ago since I left you but I shall not feel satisfied until I have written to tell you what a marvellous day it has been."

It closes with: "Now my sweet, I am going to close one of the happiest days of my life and only hope it has been the same for you. Good night dearest, your loving Monica."

The postmark shows the letter was sent from Borehamwood

The letter, which is still in good condition, was addressed to Gunner W. J. Miller and was addressed to 153/51st A. A. Regiment at Aldershot Barracks in Hampshire.

It was posted from Borehamwood on May 7, 1940 and on the back of the envelope, appeared "Eldon Avenue, Borehamwood", which police believe was Monica's return address.

It was kept in a small dark blue leather portfolio stamped with the initials W. F. M.

Brian Foran, from Hertfordshire Police, said: "It's such a lovely letter and it must have such sentimental value for someone.

"I truly hope we can trace relatives of Bill and Monica so the letter gets back to its rightful home."
Does anybody have a thought on how to track down this man's descendants? Maybe an ex association might know?

Back in my box.
51 HAA was a pre-war TA regt, RHQ was in Duke of York's, Chelsea. In May 1940 there's a good chance this guy had joined before the war and was therefore almost certainly a Londoner. May be from Borehamwood.

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