Love, Honour and Obey

Discussion in 'Films, Music and All Things Artsy' started by Bravo2nothing, Dec 1, 2005.

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  1. I watched this film the other day and in the credits it stated that William Scully has an MM. Does anyone know what this was for? Who was he with?
  2. I thought he had the Q.G.M
  3. I read when the film was released that a few of ex-THEM were involved in choreographing the firefight in the scrapyard. That might be your answer.

    Incidentally, Andy McNab was the technical advisor on Heat, he planned the method of the robbery at the beginning of the film. De Niro was reading B20 and thought "I'll get this guy on board."

    One day you are abseiling through embassy windows, the next showing actors how to pretend to shoot each other.

  4. cpunk

    cpunk LE Moderator

    He got a QGM for defending a hotel full of civilians against Sierra Leonian rebels, IIRC. He was a civvy at the time, doing security work for a mining company.
  5. I just googled his name and it suggests that Scully was one of 'THEM'. Although a Civvie whilst carring out the said action.
  6. One of my all time favourite movies
  7. Close but not quite Veg, Heat was a straight big budget remake of a TV movie called LA Takedown, written, produced and directed by Micheal Mann, who was also writer, producer and director of Heat. The opening robbery was identical between the two films and LA Takedown dates from 1989 a few years before McNab's rise to fame and fortune. I believe that the later shoot-out after the failed robbery was choreographed by McNab, but the actual sequence of events matches the original exactly. The only place in which the two diverge is in the fate of the character played by DeNiro, in LA Takedown he is killed by Waingro when he goes to exact revenge for the failed robbery, there is no climactic chase and shoot out between the two main protagonists. I presume Micheal Mann decided that this might not be the best way to end DeNiro's and Pacino's first time sharing the screen.

    I seem to remember that William Scully also appeared in Operation Good Guys, along with several others who were later in the cast of Love Honour and Obey, his character was Sgt Bill Zeebub I think.

    Fantastic film, and the line 'Fix bayonets!' in the middle of a gangland shoot out has to be one of the best bits of comedy timing ever.

    edited thrice for mongness
  8. I read a piece on this and that pretty much pans out. What I read was that "Andy McNab" simply did the firefight part of the failed robbery, skills and drills that sort of thing. To test out the effectivness of the scene they screened an early version at Fort Bragg to see what they thought apprently they all jumped for joy when Val Kilmer did a spot perfect mag change and forward assist as they had never seen it done properly in a hollywood film

    Anyway back to Love Honour and Obey, love the bit with Bill punching the window "He'll keep going till he breaks that.......Told ya"
  9. I did see Barry Norman slating the film suggesting that there was no script as such and a lot of it was 'off the cuff' I thought it great all the same. And as for Van Outen.....dirrrrttttyyyy...
  10. There wasn't a script, it was improvised which is why they (apart from Rhys Ifans) used their real names
  11. I thought "Love, Honour & Obey" was self-indulgent cack. The gunfight was good though, and yes "Fix Bayonets!" was a great line.

    My bad re. McNab, I blame the journo who wrote the puff-piece in the movie magazine I read it in :D

    He is on the credits, though.

  12. agreed to an extent, it reminds me of me and me mates

    Its the sort of film that splits you btween lovers and haters, I liked it so there :wink:
  13. I thought Love, Honour & Obey was absolutely fan-fcuking-tastic. I'm not a movie buff by any stretch of the imagination, but I watched it several times in a row.

    My late dad worked in areas that weren't entirely legal, and LH&O is the one of the few gangster films I've seen that was at all realistic - apart from the massive firefight, which doesn't happen every day, but bloody funny anyway. 'Face' was good too, but not funny and a bit preachy.
  14. " Why haven't we got any..............................fcuking big guns?"

    Bloody brilliant film