love doctors needed lol

Discussion in 'Lonely Hearts' started by F3rb, Jan 19, 2007.

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  1. well i was with my ex girlfriend for around 1 and a half year's.we broke up just a matter of days before crimbo.Am up for joining the army very soon just waiting on my files and stuff to clear.but what i wanna ask is what's the best way to win her heart back she has told me she still love's me but we just cant be together anymore.I think the biggest factor in this is her dad on christmas day he wud not even let me say happy christmas over the phone to her.hes took control but i have said to her once ive done my training i will be at her door with a ring asking her to marry me.

    she dont think ill get in the army but that just gives me something to prove
    should i go to her house stright after my training in my uniform and ask her to marry me???

    the biggest heart breaker is that she wont be there to see my pass-out parade thats going to hurt alot most of all she was the one who opened my eyes and made me go for the army to give us both better life's.
    she's not the sort of girl to cheat or even see another lad. am 20 and she's 19 and i am her first love i just cant understand how she can just drop me like this and forget everything that we have done..

    feel like hangging myself love gets you like this

    cheers for any replys and listing to me cry lmao
  2. is this PTP trying to get a sympathy shag??? :plotting:
  3. No. As for the opening post - Fear not, as soon as you pass Phase 2, you'll be issued with a big sh*tty stick to beat the totty off with.

    As for winning her back? See above. As soon as she feasts her eyes on you in No.2's she'll be banging her kecks into her handbag, no dramas.

    Just concentrate on training.
  4. Write a song, get some balls etc.

    Fu*ks sake man! Women aren't worth it - they're a drain of time and resourses.

    She wasn't worth it anyway. Also consider this; if she is as unsupportive now as to tell you she doesn't think you'll make it then she was never any use. In this job, you don't need anyone that won't have some faith, you need someone to stand by you, not against you.


    What you need to do is pass out, get yourself to Germany and screw hot eastern european fanny in the form of some hookers. :excited:
  5. Go and get a real classy ring from Argos,a pure 9ct gold one,drink 8 or 9 pints of Stella then stick the ring to the front of your customised Corsa with some black and nasty,then drive it straight though the front door whilst playing Billy Idols "white wedding" on your souped up hifi.That will do the trick let us know if it works please
  6. argos!!!!!BLOODY ARGOS!!!! H.Samuel at the very least...get a bit of clarrse mister
  7. Sorry I am a cheapskate
  8. Yes Bravo2nothing I think you are right mate but I just thought Billy might have a bit more impact
  9. Rhodesian wrote

    I never knew that you knew my son creature :omg:
  10. More impact then ram raiding his Corsa shed through her council house front room?
  11. that you?
  12. Will they take my kids?
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Not open for further replies.