Love Changes

Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by bigdave3452002, Dec 17, 2005.

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  1. i have a problem gentlemen/ladies,

    ive been goin with a girl now for about 1 and a half months, n i like ehr loads really pretty n stuff,
    but i get streesed sometimes but i dnt know how, it might b college or school or family or usmthin but i tak it out on her which i know i shudnt n i feel like i dnt wanna go out wid her, but i do iv u undastand me, i no it sounds a bit irish dats probly cus i am but anyway, can any of you great people help me please!!!!!!!!
  2. Sound Irish? You sound like a Chav. Get a grip and spell/type properly.
  3. Dave

    Seriously now

    Are you Dyslexic ?
  4. Quickly amend your spelling before some one notices....
  5. Your getting stressed and taking it out on your girlfriend and you don't know why or your what a better why to vent you stress?
  6. Are you taking the p1ss????

    Fcuking hell what do you think this is? The mills and boon fan club thred?

    Do they have schools where you live?
  7. Big Dave - is your size in inverse proportion to your IQ? If not, please stop the chavspeak and use English.

    After deciphering your chavbabble, I am disappointed that you appear to be a wife beater (do correct me if I am wrong, but it may have been lost in the translation). Stop it. Stop it now. It's not something a real man does and you should seek professional help.
  8. When exactly did ARRSE become an online version of Trisha for the mentally impaired ???
  9. Big dave are you for real! 8O You need to learn to read and write. I suggest you make good use of the time whilst your ASBO is in force and break out the Janet and John books. :D
  10. And a professional education.
  11. hey guys, cut bigdave some slack - he is obviosly using his dads PC while at home, im sure he will start Big School soon and will learn to read and communicate more effectively.

    bigdave: stop stealing your girlfriends rusks, tell her you think you love her, write her a poem - actually, forget that, what was i thinking? - and let her play with your care-bear

    now, if you can do without me in the nursery, i'll be off
  12. [​IMG]

    Yeahbutnobut... y am havng problemz wid mi bweefriend...He suffaz from frustrashun coz he only haz one brayn cell...y waz advyzd 2 talk it vrough wid him n a counsellor fukin coz communicashun iz de key..u no..but az neiva of uz can speak English wi dun undastand wat each ova iz sayng...fuk...let alone wat a counsellor might suggest...y dnk he lovez me n mi babies..u no..even vough vey do hav different fadaz and me hav been wonderng weva 2 hav anova baby coz wi can use da addishunal benefitz 4 more drugs..hehe..alcohol n cigarettes..u no..which wud fukin mayk uz bod happy...*

    *My thanks to Chavelfish, without which this post would not have been possible! :D
  13. I hear poetry is good for expressing ones self....

    Tracy I dnt fink i love u!
    I no it hurts lik a over due poo

    but i just dnt lik grls like u
    toodle loo

    4give my insults
    4give my anger

    I just don't love you nomore
    can we still sh@g?
  14. Dozy - thanks to the referral to Chavelfish - I may make significant use of it later. Anyway, Big dave, if you had trouble deciphering my reply, I have had it translated for you:

    Big Dav - iz ur size n nverse proporshun 2 ur IQ? If not...fuk...plz stop da chavspeak n use English... afta deciferng ur chavbabble...lyk...y am disapponted dat u appear 2 be a wife be8r (do correct me if me am wrong..hehe..but it may hav been lost n da translashun)...Stop it...Stop it now...itz not sumink a real man doez and u should seek profeshunal help...