Love Bites?

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Neil88, Jan 6, 2006.

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  1. How the f do you get rid of them? Woke up the morning after the night before with a right belter. Its needs to be gone by tonight, meeting the dad and babysitting the sister. Its an important night and I need to get rid of this or its gonna be over before it even started. So any advice on how to make it go away? Cheers
  2. Try a bit of toothpaste rubbed on it, helps somewhat as I found after first parade one morning after the night before...

    Or just wear something with a high neck...

  3. A scarf is what is needed I think, nothing can get rid of em that quick
  4. Yeah its covered in toothpast atm, but I dunno if its working. It get rid of it completely? If not im sure my mum will help cover it up with some of her make up kit. Dont think I have anything with a high neck.
  5. which one (Pop or lil' sis) is gonna give the Thousand Yard Stare??
    Or is there a third player to this drama to which we have not, as yet, been made aware of?
    Simply put - whose getting it tonight?
  6. toothpaste works a little but make up will come off eventually, go to shop & buy a cheap polo neck
  7. Its obviously her dad and sister. Its last night im gonna spend with her becuase Ive got to parade at 2030hrs tomorrow. Trust me to mess it up lol
  8. I agree with Gillylady, I hope she gave it to you anyway!!! poloneck or scarf best bet
  9. it is a human bite isn't it?
  10. No she didnt give it to me. Hence the urgency to get rid of it :( And as for human bite? I'm not quite sure on that front mate. Its debateable.
  11. I get my B/F to put them where they won't be seen, maybe you should have thought of that?
  12. Ah! Good point.
    And the answer is.......................?
  13. Like i said, thats debateable mate. lol
  14. Visit your local prison with a view to meeting one of the more unstable offenders. Offer him a gift in form of a Christmas cake, give him a knowing wink and tell him you've just pulled your mutton gun out of his mum / sister/ aerobics instructor and rub your fishy fingers on his top lip.

    He will grab the Bolster chisel that you cleverly concealed within the cake and subject you to a frenzied attack. The marks on your neck will be both disguised and pale into insignificance.

    Hope this helps.
  15. The old excuse of 'the lads did it to me in the pub for a laugh' excuse sometimes works,

    to gullible, blind idiots.

    I hope this helps