Love and Marriage

A married squaddie and his wife end up overnighting unexpectedly at a hotel. They can only get a twin room. As he's laid in his single bed, the bloke says "Honey Wunny? I'm lonely only."
Correctly assuming this to be a hint that he wants his leg over, the wife leaves her bed and goes to him. On the way, she stumbles over the suitcase which has been left on the floor between the beds and falls flat on her face.
"Oh dear" says the bloke "Has my hunny wunny hurt her nosey wosey?"
She picks herself up, climbs into his bed and they make crazy love.
When they're finished, she returns to her own bed.
On the way there, she again trips over the suitcase and falls flat on her face.
"Clumsy twat" says the husband...........

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