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Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by supermatelot, Jan 25, 2012.

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  1. Anyone watching question time now?

    She is ******* slaughtering them! Feminism & politics etc.

    I want to do things....
  2. Question time isn't on. And last week's episode didn't have Mensch on it.
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  3. Arse end of BBc news then with Paxman. Just assumed it was QT
  4. Thought Question Time was tomorrow night?

    Louise Mensch is thicker than pigshit

    She got slaughtered on HIGNFW
  5. Her parents could have had a bit of fun and gave Unter as her middle name.
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  6. But have you seen her?

    Compare her to say... Harriet Harman?
  7. Last time I saw her she was posing for glammy pics in GQ and then complaining people didn't take her seriously as a politician but saw her as a dolly-bird.
  8. Most politicos get slaughtered on HIGNFY. I note Mensch has degrees in Anglo-Saxon and Norse - how does that qualify her to lord it over us proles?
  9. Leave her alone troll people - she is lovely.
  10. You need to widen your options. Faced with Mensch and Harman I wouldn't know which one to slap first
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  11. Glammy pics you say?
  12. Nothing to go mad over.
  13. Mr_Fingerz

    Mr_Fingerz LE Book Reviewer

    Why would Mr and Mrs Bagshawe want to do that?
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  14. I saw that.I understood quite clearly the point she made.That being the Anti Capitalist protesters outside St Pauls were quite happy to buy their Starbucks coffees without appreciating the irony of the circumstances in which they were in.
    However,the other panelists fell on her like a pack of dogs and the poor cow couldn't get a word in to defend her position.
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  15. My personal experience of her.

    last year I was working for Al Jazeera (English). We had a live point set up on Abingdon Greeen outside the Houses of Commons. There were about 20 other crew set up many with live feed points (basically a camera set up with a mic and ear piece so the reporter/guest can be interviewed by someone in the studio) inclduing SKy, BBC, ITV, CNN etc etc...

    I saw Louise Mensch being interviewed by Sky so when she'd finished I grabbed her and said can you do us quickly too. (At this point there were many MPs wandering around the Green trying to get their heads on telly). I'd forgotten I was wearing a BBC pass (long story) so Mensch see's it, smiles and says 'of course my dear' . (I was the roving cameraman - so this wasn't really my job - but she's quite an attractive woman)

    So I get her to the live point, give the cameraman the nod and we start setting up. As I was clipping on the mic I said 'You've done Al Jazeera before hav....'
    At this point she say's 'Al Jazeera - I thought you were the BBC... I'm not talking to Al Jazeera. Forget it!'
    I asked her what she was talking about and she ranted and raved:
    'Your coverage of Gaza is totally biased against Israel - I swore I'd never talk to Al Jazeera'.....
    I told her she was talking rubbish but she stormed off....

    She's totally wrong. Al Jaz have received much praise for their even handed approach to the matter.

    Louise Mensch would appear to be a bit of a Zionist - she's certainly spoken at some pretty extreme pro Israel Rallies.
    Furthermore I've NEVER had an MP refuse to be interviewed by any of the broadcasters I've been working for because of 'alleged bias'
    It just doesn't happen.

    She's still a very attractive woman and when I've been working for other broadcasters, very charming.

    Edited: reason - mother and father of all hang overs.