Louise Mensch quits!

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Had a quick look and couldn't find a thread on this:

Louise Mensch resignation: Tory MP for Corby quits to move to New York with rock manager husband | Mail Online

My period of mourning starts today. The egg whisk has been stood down
I am waiting for details of her taking kickbacks from News International or watching her finally join the Holy Grail of un-seen celebrity chebs - with the chebs out. However, the Cameltoe thread would benefit from salacious photos of said wench.

Has she failed vetting?
By heck there are a lot of sparky people on today.

If there's already a thread on this - could a grown up delete please, and keep my one. Mine will be better:)
I think the various speculation could be right... All part of the "boris bounce"? I do hope so!

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