Louise Mensch berates 'immoral' Twitter users over abuse

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Fat_Cav, May 3, 2012.

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  1. Right you lovely lot, I hope no-one is taking Ms Mench's obvious good looks and cosyness to Die Murdoch Furhrer to give her a hard time?

    BBC News - Mensch berates 'immoral' Twitter users over abuse

    Her words make me feel that there's a few ARRSE'rs that could qualify.
    I also reckon it must be a quiet day ay The Labour Party HQ then?

    What do reckon she's thinking about?


    Could she eyeing up some Journo hunk for a game of 'hide-the-sausage'? Or maybe some fit totty and wondering if she might ever dabble in some unadulterated clam-jousting?
  2. I would smash her so she wouldn't shit right for a week.
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  3. I would. But before talking about immoral, she should look at her party's immoral stance over that Aussie cunt Murdoch.
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  4. A good point. There are allegations flying around all over the place about some of the stuff Sky got up to. The biggest allegation is that they used an organisation called the House of Ill Compute (HOIC) to hack ITV digital so that it could be watched for free.
  5. Does anyone really give a shit about what she says or thinks?
  6. It's actually that they employed that lot to crack their opponent and then make available the code.

    Could have totally crashed the opponent's company (which I suppose is what it was intended to do).

    Not quite as low as hacking an abducted girls telephone, but still the mark of a cnut.
    BBC News - News Corporation firm NDS accused of ITV Digital hack
  7. Maybe,maybe not - but she's quite pretty.
  8. I can think of another good use for that mouth...
  9. Louise Mensch?

    E-K: Faux

    Like a screen door in a hurricane!
  10. I would give her one, or two. Maybe three.
  11. She should be bloody grateful that her first name isn't Unter.
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  12. Of course it's not as if she's ever traded on her looks to raise her public profile by doing a fashion shoot for GQ magazine or anything. Oh hang on............

    See also under: Petard hoist by own/ mother-of-three/ wizard's sleeve.
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  13. Dear Ms Mensch,

    I'm sorry that some twats on Twatter have threatened you with physical violence, as I do have a list of people who should be smashed in the face with the hammer, and you're not on it. You are on my 'Bismarck' list, though.

    Anyway, whilst I wouldn't condone the threats made against your person and the demeaning language used against you, I might suggest that you and all the other Tory MPs on the Culture, Media and Sports committee might concede the basic fact that Rupert Murdoch is the spawn of the devil, and that both he and his bastard of a son should be executed at Wapping, which back in the day was the place to arrange for various scrotes and scumbags to meet their maker with Mr Rope. This should end the barrage of abuse which is coming your way.



    PS: If you ever fancy a bit of rough ...
  14. Leave the nice lady alone u bastards.
  15. Technically speaking, she's quite attractive.I can't help but think, however, that she's best viewed as a receding face disappearing into the murky depths of the ocean while manacled to a cannonball.
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