Louise Ellman: MP quits Labour over anti-Semitism concerns

Amidst all the sympathy for the USA following 9/11, ISTR there was a certain amount of schadenfreude at the Americans getting all uppity about terrorists striking at New York when NORAID had been doing so much to promote reconciliation in NI.
Spot. I'm one who felt some schadenfreude. Many on car forums said same


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@Helm, please ask for evidence of this assertion, or people may -wrongly- think you're other than even handed in your excellent Moderating.
Why should I? Once again you display your usual petulance, if you are that incensed about me being a mod, take the advice you were given and go to the admins about it.
Why should I? Once again you display your usual petulance, if you are that incensed about me being a mod, take the advice you were given and go to the admins about it.
I'm only incensed about you being a Mod because you're so bad at it.

Why not take some advice on your turn; stop being a troll in a Mod's hat.
A rather different op ed perspective from what we've been hearing/reading for some time. That said, the author certainly seems to be in 'left field' on most subjects.

November 13, 2019 by Robert A. H. Cohen

'As a British Jew I’m not fearful of a Corbyn government but I’m horrified at how antisemitism is being used against him November 13, 2019 Robert A. H. Cohen I’ve been told to fear the prospect of Jeremy Corbyn becoming Prime Minister. I’ve been warned that the Labour Party leader is antisemitic. And, according to a new poll, nearly half of British Jews are considering leaving the country if Labour wins the General Election on December 12th.

'Despite the doomsday picture being painted for British Jews, I’m not fearful of Corbyn or the possibility of him reaching 10 Downing Street. Nor do I believe that the Labour Party is “poisoned” or “rampant” with antisemitism. But what has left me horrified over the last four years has been the reckless and irresponsible way in which antisemitism has been used to vilify Corbyn and make the entire Labour Party appear toxic.
For the record, I’m not a Labour Party activist, or even a Labour Party member. I have no particular brief to support Jeremy Corbyn. In local and national elections over the years, I’ve voted for Liberal Democrat candidates, Labour candidates and Green candidates.

'Whatever the result of this General Election, we’re going to need a better and very different debate about antisemitism in Britain than the one we’ve been having. Antisemitism is real and it’s growing. We need to face into the role Israel plays in generating antisemitism. We need to recognise that Zionism can be experienced as both a movement for Jewish liberation and as a project of racist, settler colonialism. We need to be clear from which political direction the most serious dangers to Jews and other minorities are coming from. For some on the left, there is a need to learn some Jewish history and appreciate why so many Jews feel such an emotional tie towards Israel. As for those who currently claim to speak in the interests of Jews in Britain, they too could do with some serious historical and political education. Or perhaps just early retirement.'


Here are a couple of paragraphs from the article:

In a calm speech, almost in narrative, Fürst describes how the Holocaust nearly took his life, and in turn changed his future forever. It wasn't until 2005 that he spoke about the horrors he endured as a child. He never wanted to travel to Germany or speak German again. But today, he occasionally makes trips to Germany or Austria for lectures and commemorative events.

"I think it can happen again," he said earlier in the morning. "It wasn't a different planet. Humans did that." He says the situation is currently deteriorating again, and that's why he speaks as a witness. "I have a duty to tell […my story]." Because people shouldn't believe "that it didn't happen."

'I think it can happen again' — Holocaust survivor meets Merkel ahead of Auschwitz liberation anniversary | DW | 21.01.2020

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